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Haskins Working Out With AB, Diggs & Ocho

Dwayne Haskins working out with Antonio Brown & Ochocinco. It could be something or nothing for the Washington Redskins.

From the I don't know if you care about this ...but it could be something or nothing department, Dwayne Haskins is working out with some dudes. 

They aren't just regular guys Haskins found around the park. 

It's Antonio Bryant, Stefon Diggs and Chad "Ocho Cinco" Johnson. Oh and then there's Geno Smith. 

Apparently, Chad Johnson is 'Pepe,' whatever that means. 

At least AB is trying to teach the next generation. Hopefully something good. 

AB working those Steelers pants and the Raiders helmet. Apparently one that fits him. 

I don't know about you, Redskins fans, but I want Haskins nowhere near Antonio Brown. 

At this point, I think Johnson is relatively harmless but I suppose I would say I am uncomfortable still with all the me, me, me drama he brought to the table. 

Smith is ehhh and as long as Haskins isn't taking anything from him, I suppose that's okay. 

Diggs is one of the best receivers in the NFL and clearly, he and Haskins have developed a close bond. 

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The problem? Once again, he's choosing to be around a very immature, self-centered athlete that ruined a great situation for himself in Minnesota. 

I'm sure Diggs is not that bad of a guy in reality but his nonsense and drama on social media drove me nuts. It's the reason he got traded from Minnesota. 

Speaking of social media, hopefully whatever Haskins takes from this has nothing to do with that. 

He's already way too caught up in it and everyone knows this. Redskins fans thought I made a big deal for no reason. Trust me, the NFL was watching. The Redskins coaches were watching. Urban Meyer was watching as well. 

The other part of this that at least makes me feel uncomfortable? The Redskins struck out hard on Amari Cooper. So far, Cody Latimer has been, well, a headache at the very minimum. 

They are probably still looking for a proven veteran and ideally a dynamic threat. 

Haskins participated in the whole "Get Diggs Out of Vikings jail" thing, which also was silly and unprofessional. 

Could Haskins working out with Brown start a fire that wasn't really burning? 

Hell no, if my opinion matters. Which it doesn't. 

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