If AP Wants Another Four, Hard to See it in D.C.

Chris Russell

Who doesn't love what Adrian Peterson has brought to the Washington Redskins over the last two years?

You can rule out Jay Gruden from the conversation for whatever strange reason he had. 

Peterson enters the final year of his contract in 2020 and told TMZ he wants to play four more. 

Adrian Peterson Gunning For Four More Years In NFL, 'Why Not?!'

Play video content Exclusive TMZSports.com In 2024 ... 39-year-old Adrian Peterson will STILL be running over defenders?!?! The future Hall of Famer says he believes that's entirely possible ... telling TMZ Sports he's gunning to play FOUR more years in the NFL!! "Man, why not four more years?" AD says.

I can't see it happening overall and I certainly can't see it happening with the Redskins. 

Peterson turned 35 in March and still looks great for his age and after all the wear and tear of 164 games and over 14-thousand yards. 

Redskins fans have been able to watch him (if you're still watching) for 31 regular season games and he's been steady, reliable and everything you could have expected and more. 

That doesn't mean Peterson is going to be here much longer than this year in Washington. 

It's hard to see how the Redskins go beyond 2020 with A-P as a main cog in the offense. 

Perhaps if Derrius Guice gets injured significantly (again) and Peterson stays healthy and productive, you could see another one-year extension to his contract. 

That's a lot that has to happen between now and then. And it's far from a guarantee that Ron Rivera would want to do that.  

If the Redskins know they can't count on Guice in 2021 because of another injury filled campaign, every fiber in my body says they try and go young (again) at the position and draft someone in the second or third round  to compliment Antonio Gibson and perhaps Bryce Love.

Rivera values Peterson's leadership and work ethic. He knows he's still very capable of being productive. Part of the reason Rivera is now the Redskins coach is because Peterson and Guice pounded the Panthers into submission last November in Rivera's final game in Charlotte. 

Happy Thanksgiving! 

That being said - while I expect Peterson to have a role and to be moderately productive in 2020, it's impossible to expect a huge year and if Peterson is asked to be the main go-to guy, that's probably not a good sign.

Here's hoping Adrian Peterson gets what he wants in his NFL career - for however long it lasts. He's heading to Canton five years after it ends.  There's no doubt about that. 

The question is this: Will there be a fifth team added to his resume by the time he's done? Or maybe a sixth?

Also, you hope he's playing truly for his passion for the game and not because he needs the paycheck. 

How long will Peterson be with the Redskins. Just 2020 or beyond? Sign up free, register and join us by voicing your opinion on our community pages and right below!

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