Inside The WFT vs. Eagles vs. Giants 'Conspiracy Cesspool'

There's a mess to clean up on 'Aisle Eagles,' but Doug Pederson should not be blamed in any way for the Washington Football Team winning a title.

ASHBURN, Va. -- The Washington Football Team won the wretched NFC East fair and square Sunday night in Philadelphia. 

"No apologies,'' said WFT coach Ron Rivera.

And I'll say this: "No apologies'' necessary from Eagles coach Doug Pederson, either.

Twitter is such a cesspool of ... well, the stuff that exists in cesspools.

Was Philly coach Doug Pederson "throwing the game'' - which ended with a 20-14 WFT win and a Washington playoff berth - to screw the New York Giants? Of course not.

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At the risk of playing semantic games: He's trying to evaluate his team and also give someone that has been in the system for four years some game action, while facing a major quarterback dilemma for 2021 and beyond. 

Carson Wentz sat. Jalen Hurts played, and was not great when throwing the football on Sunday night, either. And Nate Sudfeld entered at QB. And the Eagles - to their ultimate benefit - lost.

We can argue conspiracy theories; I'm not sold that Pederson Priority No. 1 was "let's lose, on purpose, no matter what.'' But even if we lean that way: It has nothing to do with anything being owed the Giants and the NFL.

If Pederson took an order from his GM and helped his team by improving its draft pick, and somehow the Eagles covered the 6.5 spread ... hey, many 'smart' guys ought to be happy. 

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But along the way, the Giants deserved absolutely nothing. In any way. The Cowboys screwed themselves and handed the Giants a win. New York fought valiantly to bounce back from a terrible start but they were 6-10. 

Nobody should feel bad for them. 

Meanwhile, along the same theme: Let's focus on the winners here. Philly lost. WFT won. The Giants became a non-factor ... and I wish I could've told Al Michaels, Cris Collinsworth and Michele Tafoya that the game they were calling was in Philadelphia. Being won by the Washington Football Team.

Tafoya mentioned several times that she was texting during the game with Giants safety Logan Ryan for his reaction to what was going on.  Does anybody - beyond Logan's friends and family - really care what Ryan thought of the Eagles and WFT?

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How about talking about the possible matchup between Tom Brady and his high-powered Bucs against Washington's defensive line? I don't remember that being anything more than a mention. 

Here's the bottom line: Washington did everything within its power to succeed. And in Pederson's own way, so did he. It's not a "bastardization of the sport'' to tank. It is, indeed, now an accepted part of the sport, whether you and I like it or not.

As coach Rivera said Monday, nobody should say "sorry'' or feel bad for the WFT winning the game and being the best of the worst.

'It honestly doesn’t matter,'' he said. "You play whoever is out there. I’m not going to apologize for winning.''

And Doug Pederson should not have to apologize for losing.