Kyle Allen Better Than Lamar Jackson, Big Ben & Brees

Kyle Allen is better than Lamar Jackson? with us here. Let's take a look at the Washington Football Team QB & where he's performing well.
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Kyle Allen is not a better talent, runner or quarterback overall than Lamar Jackson, Ben Roethlisberger or Drew Brees. 

Stats tell us some things. They don't tell us everything. 

But you can take a certain number or statistic and use it as a baseline or part of your argument. 

Per NFL Next Gen Stats, Allen has a 99.4 passer rating compared to the defending league MVP's 99.2 rating. 

Jackson has of course played more and clearly is a much more dynamic talent than Allen is and ever will be, but in terms of passing, I found it interesting. 

Just for a further comparison, Ben Roethlisberger of the undefeated Steelers and a future hall of famer has a 99.6 rating, as did Dak Prescott, who was lighting the world on fire before his season ending injury. 

Just a hair above Allen's rating. Dwayne Haskins was at 80.3 when he was playing.

A couple of other numbers that jumped out to me per Next Gen Stats are these:

Allen has a 4.9 "average completed air yards" or (CAY) per Next Gen Stats. 

Roethlisberger has a 4.6 mark in the same exact category. 

This measurement is defined as "the vertical yards on a pass attempt at the moment the ball is caught in relation to the line of scrimmage. CAY shows the average Air Yards a passer throws on completions."

I find that to be eye-opening at the very minimum. 

Allen also has a 6.2 "average intended air yards" or (IAY) mark per Next Gen which is slightly higher than Drew Brees at 6.1. 

Brees 6.1 mark is the lowest in the NFL. Once again, this proves what I've said all along - you do not have to throw the ball deep to be effective on a regular basis but you do need to be accurate and effective underneath to be run a good offense.