Lawyers for Ex-Employees Want Snyder Suspended By Goodell

It was never going to end on Wednesday. We know that. Now we know the next step.
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Another day and another set of legal action is on tap for Dan Snyder and the Washington Football Team.

One thing's for sure. If this team scores as many touchdowns as it does headlines, they will be Super Bowl bound baby! 

The Washington Post is reporting that lawyers representing the ex-employees that have come forward in the matter are pressing Roger Goodell and the NFL to suspend Snyder pending the results of an independent investigation. 

Per The Post - Lisa J. Banks and Debra S. Katz who represent more than a dozen ex-employees that came forward sent a three-page letter to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell on Thursday calling for that suspension pending the outcome of the investigation, which the letter reportedly calls on the league to do a completely independent investigation.

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The reporting also goes so far to request that  "Goodell to commit to removing Snyder as majority owner if its own investigation substantiates claims former employees made." 

The Post also reported that the lawyers stated their clients  would "gladly participate in an NFL investigation but don’t feel safe speaking to investigators hired by Snyder and don’t trust that process."

Also that their clients fear retribution by Snyder and that obviously makes sense. Snyder is a very sue-happy, powerful man as recent activity once again made clear. 

As I mentioned in the video above, I would be surprised if Snyder is suspended now pending the results of the investigation. 

Could I see him being suspended once the investigation is complete? Yes. Absolutely. 

Forced out? I don't think so. Pressured to get out? Hell yeah. 

Hell, the NFL should suspend Snyder for just his tone-deaf statement after the first two paragraphs.

Oh and if you like football and actually remember what that is like, we have you covered right here. 

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