Thursday's episode of the "Locked on Washington Football Team" podcast digs deep into the latest in the  Dwayne Haskins drama as he would reportedly welcome a fresh start That's nice.  It's a lot of agent driven, self absorbed nonsense that is being fed to Jeremy Fowler of ESPN. 

No offense - but I have no patience for it. His agent has done him no favors and here's the bottom-line, David Mulugheta, Haskins' agent, probably has full permission to shop his client's services and if he doesn't, it's a wink-wink type situation. 

Pittsburgh has been mentioned as a possible destination. 

The problem is that the burden is all on the Washington Football Team. 

As we wrote about here, they have to take on the dead cap money hit while finding fair compensation (a conditional third?) while also consummating the deal with a team that either they or the agent finds. 

Washington would also then have to find a new quarterback for the practice squad to teach a system to in the middle of the season. Not easy under any circumstances. 

It is much, much harder this year to trade players than normal and especially quarterbacks. 

We also hear from offensive coordinator Scott Turner on the state of his group after seven games. 

Of course you can also check this out for all the raw and mostly ugly numbers that the offense has posted over seven games. 

In our Google News reports, we break down the NFC East and how no matter what happens this week between the Eagles and Cowboys, the WFT can't be in first place. 

And then there's this - one statistical category that Kyle Allen is better than Lamar Jackson in. 

Don't get too upset. Nobody's saying Allen is better than the MVP. It was just interesting.