Locked On Washington Football Team Podcast - Friday 10/30

It's the end of the week but that doesn't stop the Washington Football train from moving during the bye week. Rumors & Jack Del Rio are on the menu.
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Week eight in the NFL is officially underway but you'll have to find solace in the Washington Football Team missing this one. 

They are on bye but the rest of the Sunday slate looks terrific as we touch on in Friday's episode of the "Locked on Washington Football Team" Podcast. 

It started with Thursday night's win for former Washington assistant and good dude, Raheem Morris, now the interim head coach of the Atlanta Falcons over the Carolina Panthers. 

We also address the Ryan Kerrigan trade possibility. There's a lot of speculation but as we wrote here, the Washington Football Team should not trade Kerrigan unless he wants to leave and I highly doubt that he does. 

If you're serious about building a winning culture and establishing leadership by example, Kerrigan is a guy that can still help. You've already released Adrian Peterson, benched one of your offensive captains (Dwayne Haskins), lost one of your defensive captains to a season ending injury (Landon Collins) and essentially benched one of your overall team leaders (Thomas Davis). 

It's hard to lead from the bench or when you're inactive on game days. Kerrigan must stay in any reasonable opinion. 

Jack Del Rio also chops it up with the media from earlier this week as he discusses a defensive resurgence over the last six quarters and what they need to do every game, not just one game. 

Our daily Google News updates focus on the Ryan Kerrigan trade potential and who I would trade.

Then we finish up with some pass/run splits by down from Scott Turner and the WFT offense over the first seven games.