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When Will New WR Curtis Samuel Finally Debut for Washington?

Will Samuel be available for NFL Week 1 against the Los Angeles Chargers?

Anticipation. Or impatience.

You choose.

Curtis Samuel came to Washington as a touted NFL free agent, for all right reasons. He shares a Carolina Panthers background with his new bosses, he fills a need for an offense trying to get to the same championship level as the WFT defense, and he's still young enough and still developing so that there is another level of individual success to be had.

But ... when?

"We're feeling really confident and he's had some really good days out there on the side," coach Ron Rivera said at the end of the week, added that his optimism regarding Samuel being available for NFL Week 1 against the Los Angeles Chargers is "very high."

If the "very high'' optimism comes with a payoff of Samuel finally practicing on Monday - something that hasn't really happened all summer as he's spent the time dealing with a groin injury? Then Samuel's contributions to this new Ryan Fitzpatrick-led offense might be "very high,'' too.

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Samuel, 25, as the No. 2 receiver teaming with pal Terry McLaurin. Logan Thomas, already a "breakout'' guy at tight end. Antonio Gibson seemingly on the verge of stardom in his second season at running back. A fortified O-line. And FitzMagic.

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So ... Monday. That's the plan for Samuel to begin to go full-speed, to begin to show why he is a $12 million APY playmaker, as a receiver and maybe much, much more.

"I will say this,'' said Rivera, who is opting to be patient while also driven by anticipation. "A guy that runs fast, the guys that are speedsters, take a little bit longer.''

"A little bit longer'' is, hopefully, about to end for Curtis Samuel.

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