New Helmets for Washington Football Team

Chris Russell

Many times a story can be told in words. This one is better served by video and pictures.

The new helmet design is official, at least for 2020 and with the Washington Football Team amping up workouts. 

A couple of different angles right here. 

Now for the reaction which is more important than ever in today's world. 

One of the more famous Washington fans likes it. 

A prominent voice in media in the Washington D.C. region also likes the new shine.

Anytime I can get the "Macho Man" Randy Savage into a post, I'm going to. 

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Ivan Lambert
Ivan Lambert

Initial thought is the stoic, well-done logo dating to 1972 cannot help but be noticed as missing.
But secondly, the helmet is unique in the sense no other NFL helmet will exhibit numbers.
Thirdly, glad Burgundy and Gold tradition remains alive.