New Name Brings New Interest

George Carmi

Something special is brewing in the nation’s capital, and it’s something we haven’t seen in quite some time. A genuine, renewed interest in the Washington Football team.

Granted, there will always be a contingent of fans who will support the team no matter what. But now, we are seeing rich dialogue and heated debates on where the team should go next.

“Should we stay in burgundy and gold?” “Should we maintain #HTTR?” “I like that jersey concept, but it doesn’t truly reflect the region” have all been topics of discussion on social media. Which, by all accounts is a good thing.

For many years, and unfortunately a majority of Dan Snyder’s tenure, the football team in Washington has been mediocre. Their off-the-field transgressions were more likely to garner national attention than their play on the field. And largely the coverage was negative.

This has led to a dwindling of the fanbase, as a generation of younger fans have gravitated to more exciting teams with high powered offenses. Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson, and Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes have caught the hearts of many, while in the DC metropolitan area, the region has lacked a true superstar.

Now, with a rebrand, Washington’s team is the talk of the town again. Fans are lobbying for their favorite nicknames (Redwolves is a fan favorite) and talk of unity among the fanbase is rising.

Take a look at Mark Tyler, editor of Hogs Haven, a branch of SB Nation. He sees potential in the Redwolves nickname, and talks of all the shared experiences it can bring.

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This wave of interest has inspired some creative artists to come up with concept designs, including my favorite, a Washington Warrior uniform created by graphic designer Joe Torres.

I like the contrasting white on burgundy jerseys. They remind of the Los Angeles Chargers, who in my opinion, have the best uniforms in football.

What’s even more impressive, is that this interest is coming from the younger demographic of the fanbase. One, who has largely been devoid of winning seasons. Since Dan Snyder purchased the team in 1999, the team has gone 139-185-1. But we are still seeing younger fans passionately involved in the product, even writing petitions to sway the owner’s opinion.

Popular twitter personality Jordan Asri, of @Skinstoday, created a petition which as of Saturday morning had over 5,000 signatures.

And the cool thing is, people are noticing. As seen by NBA Superstar Kevin Durant, whose Washington allegiance has been well documented. His instagram handle is @Easymoneysniper.

Eric Sollenberger, who is more commonly known by his radio personality PFT Commenter (@PFTcommenter) for the online publication Barstool Sports NFL.

Altogether, this is an exciting opportunity for Snyder and whoever cares to join him in the team’s ownership.

For the first time, in a very long time, the fanbase has a pulse and they are becoming united. If he can capitalize on this momentum, and eventually have his team win, he can solidify his fanbase and usher in a younger generation who will be returning customers year after year. 

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George Carmi is an editor/contributing writer to or @FPC_Redskins. He is a native of the DC metropolitan area and is an avid fan of DC Sports. A former journalism major at the University of Maryland, his focus is now in public education. His earliest memories consist of Darrell Green, "The Posse" and Super Bowl XXVI. Follow him on twitter @Gcarmi21

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