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'New Name': Washington Planning Nickname Announcement?

The WFT is being purposely vague here, of course; that is how "marketing'' works.

The Washington Football Team has undergone a massive array of changes in the last year or so, on the field and off. Among those changes is their very name ...

"The Washington Football Team.''

Is that about to change as well?

In some circles, it's been assumed that a more "traditional'' nickname would be added, that "Football Team'' was a temporary placeholder in the removal of "Redskins'' as the nickname.

To others, there is an increasing comfort level with a "new tradition'' of calling it "Washington Football Team.''

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But, is seems, change is afoot.

The franchise this week teased the idea of change - complete with an attached timetable - that suggests something new is "arriving.''

On the team website, featured in a tab labeled, Washington Journey,'' Washington is declaring that “the future of Washington Football arrives in 2022.” This marks the very first indication that a new name is coming, for certain. And it also marks the very first time that the franchise has put a definitive timetable in place for public consumption. 

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The WFT is being purposely vague here, of course; that is how "marketing'' works. Owner Daniel Snyder and his team - a team that is led in large part by coach Ron Rivera - has taken its time to response to public concern about the old nickname, has taken its time to take the next step, and will now, for reasons of finance, marketing and doing what's right in the court of public opinion, will take its time here as well.

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