NFL Draft: Top 10 Tight End Targets For Washington Football Team

It's here. The NFL Draft for 2021 and here's another installment of our position by position 'Top 10 Targets' list for the Washington Football Team at tight end
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ASHBURN, Va. -- The NFL Draft takes place this weekend and the Washington Football Team can and should be looking for a tight end despite the signing of Sammis Reyes recently 

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If you've missed our 'Top-10 Targets' series in a position by position look - here you go. Thank us later. 


Running Backs:

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1. Kyle Pitts - Florida: A superstar in the making before he even plays a snap in the NFL. A dual threat hybrid type as a tight end and receiver. He has size, speed, great hands and excellent route running ability. He very likely won't be around for Washington even if they trade up but ... Gotta put him on the list.

2. Pat Freiermuth - Penn State: 'Baby Gronk' can do it all in the passing game but he doesn't have the extra gear that Pitts has. He's also not a great blocker, but he's fine. 

3. Tommy Tremble - Notre Dame: Can do it all and the best motion and space blocker in the draft. Not the pass-catching talent the others are but he's still good in that area.

4. Brevin Jordan - Miami: A fairly good blocker and good ball-catcher especially in the red zone. He benefitted of course from Miami having a better QB situation than they've had. Some rumors are flying around about being a poor interview, which could scare some teams. 

5. Tre' McKitty - Georgia: A rising prospect that many scouting analysts like Tony Pauline believes is charging hard to the finish line. Like Tremble, he's a good combo player and would really help teams that are looking for an all-around 'Y' player. 

6. Hunter Long - Boston College: Seems like one of those guys that's a high-volume, short-area type target at 6'5" ..vSaw him catch of lot of the short to intermediate passes and not really do much after. Analysts think he's a fairly good blocker. 

7. Kenny Yeboah - Ole Miss: Seems to play bigger (taller) than he is on tape, especially in the red zone where he'll fight you and come up with contested 50/50 balls. 

8. Tony Poljan - Virginia: A very tall target at 6'6" who can help out on the back line of the end zone with compressed space. That's where a few of his touchdowns with Virginia came from. Not a great athlete or pass-catcher and certainly not explosive. 

9. John Bates - Boise State: Another tall target and nearly 6'6" and is flexible enough to be moved around. Can help on specials as well. 

10. Quintin Morris - Bowling Green: Can't say we've watched a ton of Bowling Green football but the book on Morris is that he's mostly a receiver and has to be covered up in the blocking side of things.