Washington, Snyder & NFL Burden of Responsibility

The NFL took over the Dan Snyder investigation months ago. Now the shield has the responsibility to be transparent.
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ASHBURN, Va. -- The National Football League months ago seized control of the investigation into Washington Football Team owner Dan Snyder and the organization’s alleged hostile workplace environment. 

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As the investigation seemingly comes to an end, the NFL said Friday that it has not received the report yet -- however they still disputed what was in the report -- despite allegedly not seeing it. 

Something doesn't add up.

The NFL has obligations moving forward. Being honest is one of them. The need to be transparent is more important than ever. 

The overwhelming feeling is that commissioner Roger Goodell and the league office need to release the full report after a review by their lawyers and after giving everyone pertinent a chance to review it. 

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They should also redact names for anyone who is innocent and is uncomfortable with their name being published.

The NFL also has another obligation - however it gets done. 

The organization said the investigation would be transparent and nothing would be held back. 

There was reported mention and belief by many that at one point they would allow all employees (former and current) out of non-disclosure agreements. Did they do do? If they did not, that's a problem. 

You can't have a transparent and full investigation alongside legal threats and language preventing even one person from speaking freely. 

If the NFL allows the NDA's to stand and be enforced, the overall investigation is a failure. 

The last part of burden that the NFL has is to make sure that WFT owner Dan Snyder - assuming the investigation is as damning as assumed - doesn't go unpunished. 

Speaking from a personal perspective: Snyder needs to pay a huge price for the toxic work environment inside the building that we are aware of.

If the NFL chooses to move forward with a vote to have Snyder divest, that would be understandable - the right thing to do.

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It can be argued that a suspension of at least one year and a $10 million reparation fine is an acceptable solution. 

Goodell has to know this. His lawyers have to know that the shield's integrity is just as much at stake as whatever is left of Snyder's. 

We say Dan Snyder has failed his responsibility. Now? The burden of responsibility is on his NFL owners/partners and lawyers and Roger Goodell himself.