NFL Soft On Snyder? Five Reasons Why

Many have asked why Dan Snyder is gaining more power, control and juice. How can he be set to skate to freedom? Here's how

ASHBURN, Va. -- Dan Snyder's purchase of the 40.5% share of his minority partners (subject to NFL owners approval) is not good news for the legion of Washington Football Team fans that were hoping Snyder would be forced to sell his share. 

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That was a pipe dream. That scenario had about a 1% chance of unfolding from the start and that's why we never suggested that it would happen. That was despite the reported option from Beth Wilkinson and the NFL investigation. 

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We've always suggested a heavy fine and suspension, but that was dependent on the totality of the investigation and the NFL, Commissioner Roger Goodell and other owners view of the situation. 

Assuming Snyder and his family do assume 100% ownership and approval, that's a direct and logical sign that not only would he avoid being forced out; it's quite possible, per a widely-held perception, that he'll only have to pay a fine. No suspension, no loss of draft pick, nothing. 

Many fans, media and especially the women who bravely came forward to Wilkinson and the Washington Post do not understand why this is the case. 

Allow us to provide five potential reasons why Snyder might skate:

1. Ron Rivera: No matter how long-term the arrangement, Snyder hiring Rivera was important for the stability and culture re-build of a dreadfully-run organization. It doesn't hurt that Rivera was a minority coaching hire, which is very important to the NFL's image. 

2. Jason Wright: The first Black team president in the NFL. Wright is super-smart, engaging, authentic and everything that Bruce Allen wasn't. Wright was the perfect addition for many reasons - as with Rivera, not just in terms of his representation of diversity but also due to his talent.

3. Julie Donaldson: The first female to be a part of an NFL radio broadcast, she is the senior vice president and face of the team's media properties. Fans will and have already connected with Donaldson. 

4. Martin Mayhew: A Black general manager. An experienced personnel executive for many years with the Lions, Giants and 49ers. It made all the sense in the world. And again ... it represents progress.

5. The Name Change: After saying he would never, ever, never change the name of the franchise, all of a sudden Snyder felt bad for everyone who was offended by the moniker and snapped his fingers. 

Yeah right. ...

So where does this leave us? If you think that Snyder made all of these hires and changes on his own and completely his own volition - I'm selling the Woodrow Wilson bridge on the way to FedExField for a nickel. Just for you. 

The NFL has been in cahoots with Snyder for years, all the way back to the essentially-forced Brian Lafemina hiring and continuing to today. The NFL and Roger Goodell has been privately trying to fix the mess that Snyder and his cronies created over 20 years. ... because they are partners.

If the shield has to take heat from some media, fans and brave women who came forward because a slap on the Snyder wrist seems lacking ... while also garnering the positives of progress represented by five enormous hires and changes that have forever shaped the future of one of the NFL's most important franchises, it's a fair tradeoff.

The NFL absorbs some heat. Snyder keeps his team.