No Hope for Haskins

Chris Russell

Dwayne Haskins current situation for the Washington Football Team is one of almost complete insignificance. 

He's the No. 3 quarterback and yes he is back at practice but in reality, he's a non-factor moving forward until Kyle Allen gets hurt and then he MIGHT become the backup again. 

However, like most quarterbacks and certainly a recent first-round pick, his name moves the needle.

For Haskins, it's not really for a good reason this time as the young 2nd-year player made a significant mistake. 

Did Haskins commit a crime? Of course, not. Did he do anything really terrible in the grand scheme of things? No. 

Was Haskins thinking clearly and maturely? Not in any way.

He often doesn't. That's a huge problem along with his very well reported work ethic. 

He thinks he works hard enough. His coaches and NFL personnel people don't think he does. 

He thinks he's mature. I've run out of fingers and toes on my body and yours for the people in the NFL that think and feel he's far from mature. 

You have a head coach with cancer. You're in the middle of a global pandemic. 

Maybe it was misunderstanding but somehow everyone else got the message. 

Dwayne didn't. And it's part of the reason why he was benched and maybe a huge reason. 

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