Eric Reid Vs. Washington: 'The Fault Is In The Stars'

Chris Russell

Shakespeare once wrote something about where the "fault lies.'' (And we'd rather reference Shakespeare than "Screaming A'' or "Silly Skip''. The stars? Ourselves?

What if something occurs that is nobody's fault at all?

What did the horrible Washington Football Team just do to Eric Reid?

What did the horrible Eric Reid just do to the WFT?

Someone, somewhere is hammering away at Ron Rivera and the Washington Football Team for having the temerity to only offer the veteran safety Reid a practice squad spot.

The unmitigated audacity!

But nobody should feel bad for Reid. And nobody should cheap-shot the Washington Football Team.

This is football. This is business.  Reid - a former Pro Bowl safety who is out of work and in the eyes of many, blackballed from the NFL due to his social believes - has a right to choose. He chose to say no. That's his prerogative.

Rivera and the Carolina Panthers brought him to Charlotte two years ago and the two had a mostly successful run together. Both know what this would've become, as the practice-squad berth in the COVID era is a normal path to being on the active roster - perhaps as early as next Sunday against the New York Giants.

Reid declined - and maybe he didn't fully understand "the path.'' NFL teams have expanded rosters this year, where practice-squad players can be promoted to the game-day roster without being exposed to the normal waiver rules.

Yes, Reid would have to clear the now mandatory six-day testing period for COVID protocols. That would put us at next Tuesday at the minimum before Reid could even enter the facility.

Seemingly, he wanted Rivera and Washington to commit a spot on the 53-man roster to a player that hasn't practiced or played in 11 months.

C'mon. From a strictly-football sense? That's absurd.

This is the other side of the coin in the Reid (and Colin Kaepernick) "Blind-Belief Bandwagon.'' Have they been treated differently? Absolutely. But now, in this case, it's offer time - and maybe Reid (and Kaepernick) have held firm in their belief that their past and perceived skillset guarantees a certain level of job or money.

Is that in play as to why in some cases they were prevented from getting jobs over the past four years? It's in play now.

Dez Bryant had no problem joining Baltimore's practice squad. 'Snacks' Harrison joined Seattle's. Brandon Carr joined the Cowboys.

It's "the path.''

Being blackballed is wrong. But being guaranteed something isn't always the way this works, either.

Reid has a right to choose what he wants to do. He made his decision and now he must live with it. Washington did the same. Forget "political correctness'' and forget bias; this was a business marriage that went unconsummated.

The world of criticism is one of "good guys'' and "bad guys'' and blame-playing. The world of football is more brutally real than that. Sometimes it's "nobody's fault.''

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