Numbers Don't Shine Brightly on Redskins 2019 Offense

George Carmi

There’s a famous saying in the business world when it comes to data and production. “Men lie, women lie, but numbers don’t.” And unfortunately, for the Washington Redskins, the truth of the matter is that their offense wasn’t very good last year.

Ben Baldwin of The Athletic Seattle, and Sebastian Carl (@mrcaseb), created an analytical model to chart each NFL snap on offense last season. Unfortunately, it paints a glaring picture of Washington’s woes last year.

You can see the information below, as charted by Rotoworld’s Hayden Winks

As you see from the data, the Redskins only had the lead for 15% of their offensive plays, which is last in the league. 

During 2019, 69% of the time they were on offense, Dwayne Haskins and company were facing a deficit. 

This ranks 30th out of 32 teams. Only the Cincinnati Bengals and Jacksonville Jaguars were worse.

Also, the team specifically struggled in the second half of games, where 85% of the time they were on offense, they were down. Obviously this has a direct correlation to team losses, and added pressure for a developing quarterback.

This data may not come as a surprise, considering the team’s 3-13 record last year. And the fact that they ranked last in the league with 16.6 points per game. But the Redskins hope that a new coaching staff and a unified vision with the front office could resolve many of these issues.

The team was plagued with several off-the-field issues that may have contributed to these struggles. From the onset of 2019, the coaching staff struggled to commit to their rookie quarterback and a level of distrust began to develop between the coaching staff and front office. Jay Gruden was fired after five games, and interim Coach Bill Callahan struggled to coexist with then offensive coordinator Kevin O’Connell.

This, coupled with the mishandling of Haskins’ development, led to a muddled vision of what the Redskins’ offense should have looked like in 2019.

Now, with a coaching staff fully-invested in him, and a Scott Turner offense predicated on power runs and deep shots down the field, Haskins may have an offense that suits his skillset.

Although 2020 may be providing tension and stress in the “real world”, there is a sense of optimism in Redskins Park. 

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George Carmi is an editor/contributing writer to or @FPC_Redskins. He is a native of the DC metropolitan area and is an avid fan of DC Sports. A former journalism major at the University of Maryland, his focus is now in public education. His earliest memories consist of Darrell Green, "The Posse" and Super Bowl XXVI. Follow him on twitter @Gcarmi21

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