Ol' Ricky's Redskins Tales - Sean Gilbert & Kyle Allen's Chances?


Ol’ Ricky was once so shocked by an agent’s answer he needed it to be repeated. It’s not every day God is involved in contract talks.

It was 1997, training camp and Gilbert didn’t report. I called his agent Gus Sunseri every day asking about progress. The Redskins had tagged Gilbert at $2.8 million and Sunseri said they wanted $5 million because God told the defensive tackle that number.

OK, wait – what now?

Sunseri said it again. He later said it to the late Joe White of Associated Press. I never called God for his side, but I needed to hear it twice from the agent because it was so outlandish.

Gilbert never reported that season. The Redskins traded the sixth overall pick in 1996 to St. Louis for Gilbert, who made 68 tackles and three sacks so they weren’t raiding King Solomon’s mines to pay Gilbert crazy money. Instead, they let Carolina sign Gilbert in 1998 as a franchise player and pay Washington two first-rounders.

Gilbert gave Carolina five seasons, three of them worthwhile, before playing six games with Oakland in 2003. Nowadays, Gilbert was recently named head coach of Livingstone College in Salisbury, N.C. at age 50.

Tomorrow: Ol’ Ricky remembers guard Jay Leeuwenburg, who was the first known diabetic to play for the team. Lots of stories in my book and these are the types of tales I’ll tell on my “Pizza and Pigskins Tours” later this summer.

Rick Snider is an award-winning sports writer who has covered Washington sports since 1978. He first wrote about the Redskins in 1983 before becoming a beat writer in 1993. Snider currently writes for several national and international publications and is a Washington tour guide. Follow Rick on Twitter at @Snide_Remarks.

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