Philly Inquirer Bans 'Redskins'

Chris Russell

Because it's a day that ends in "Y" - another story has emerged on the Washington Redskins moniker. 

This news was first tipped off by our partner Ed Kracz, who does a great job with "EagleMaven" in Philadelphia but this makes it official. 

It goes without saying that many publications, including, on a national level, have chosen to go this route. 

That's fine. Everyone has their choices. 

As the publisher of, I am in a difficult spot in terms of covering this issue.

Many are once again calling for the name to change. The argument will only get louder and louder. 

I have to choose what deserves attention and coverage. It was my decision to write about Ali Krieger and Spike Lee. 

It was also my decision to mention 3-time Pro Bowler, Michael Bennett's opposition and it was also my editorial choice to write this about the Philadelphia Inquirer. 

I understand many of you are exhausted and I would use stronger descriptive words but I'll keep it at that. 

Redskins fans - we have an obligation here at to cover all  major news stories and items of interest involving the Washington Redskins. 

Also, that's their legal name and trademark. 

That's what we will provide moving forward at until someone above me tells me to do something else. 

I hope you understand and realize at heart - I am a football guy trying to cover a football team. 

However, after 11 years of near daily coverage - the Washington Redskins organization has always been much more of a circus than a football organization. 

That will not stop. It might slow down. It might get better on the field and in the front office and we promise to be selective in what we cover when it comes to the name issue, allowing anyone who reads these words to decide what they are more comfortable with. 

As always you can feel differently and voice your concerns about this issue in a respectful manner. Sign up free, register and join us by voicing your opinion on our community pages and right below!

Chris Russell is the Publisher of & Sports Illustrated's Washington Redskins channel. He can be heard on 106.7 The FAN in the Washington D.C. area and world-wide on Chris also hosts the "Locked on Redskins" Podcast and can be read via subscription to Warpath Magazine. You can e-mail Chris at or follow him on Twitter at @Russellmania621.

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Comments (2)
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Tired of referring to our team as a circus. So glad you didnt cover the team during the glory yrs. The yrs we didnt win the SB (88, 89, 90) might have been called a circus by you. Think you can win with all midround picks and UDFA's. You dont like a signing unless it's cheap.


Got to compliment Philly. Former receiver McCants referred to the team recently in response to my article: the Washington football team. I see that name works fine for now. Hopefully, you guys want to pick this up and me up as a writer. No writers contract with competing so sign me up. I think you know where I stand!...definately against guns, Chris!