Washington & NFL Players Celebrate Mother's Day

It’s always heartwarming to see how the WFT players salute their moms
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ASHBURN, Va. -- Football is largely a sport of men trying to be better, tougher, stronger than other men. 

Yet professional football players are also young men who have arrived to the NFL from different backgrounds and childhoods…. and many arrive with an important tender side.

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Rewards for a mother's love? Yes, it's always awesome when you see what Kwity Paye did for his mother right after he was drafted in the first round this year by the Colts. He announced his Mom was going to be able to retire because of the money that he is guaranteed to make.

Because of her.

Or when you see head coach Ron Rivera's words on Sunday morning about his wife, Stephanie. … Not only a wife and a Mom - but a constant companion and his inspiration after a battle through cancer.

One of the best moments from the inspiring 2020 season was Chase Young, after scoring his first career touchdown and following a fourth consecutive win, showing that being a 'Mama's Boy' is really cool. 

One of the newest members of the Washington Football Team family is Jamin Davis, who celebrated his new job with his Mom. 

You may not know or remember this but a Mom is a partial owner of the Washington Football Team. As in Dan Snyder's mother. Mr. Snyder now owns most of the organization by himself but Arlette Snyder owns about 6.5% of the WFT. 

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Snyder's wife, Tanya, has been instrumental in helping to reshape the image of the organization in a variety of different ways, both charitable and behind the scenes as a more involved influence. She is the mother of Snyder's three children who presumably will inherit ownership of the franchise in some form down the road. Maybe a mother’s touch will aid their success.

Happy Mother's Day to all.