Pulse Of The Fan: Washington Football Team - Desperate or Patient?

The Washington Football Team seems poised to make an aggressive move up from No. 19 in the NFL Draft for the QB of the future.
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ASHBURN, Va. -- Our view: The Washington Football Team should be anything but desperate in this year's NFL Draft ... yet the current feeling is that they'll be aggressive. 

Is that a conflict in philosophical approach?

The question is, "How much of a risk will they take?'' The feeling we had after talking with Ron Rivera and Martin Mayhew on Friday is that they will be "aggressive" but perhaps not "reckless.''

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They won't call it "desperate,'' even though depending on the move, it could absolutely be viewed as such.

That subject will be debated for a while and if it works out, it will be recalled as a great gamble. If it doesn't, it will be another bad bet in a long line of them for this franchise and in the NFL. 

We haven't seen much positive fan fever for such a move but that's specific to Trey Lance and in most cases the No. 4 overall pick, a huge jump and price to pay. 

Some of the reaction hasn't been as fiercely against as that.

The problem is that most fans haven't seen Lance play and we only saw him for a few series in his one game last early October, which led to this observation and jab at Dwayne Haskins. 

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'Disco' isn't really wrong with his spin but that doesn't mean you should be desperate to solve the problem. 

Then there's 'All in the Family' who is much more in-line with the conservative crowd (of which we identify with).

And Jeff Bochner takes us home with this spin. 

In years past, Washington fans were much more willing to move up. After seeing several shots at the prize go terribly wrong, they increasingly seem to understand that a team has as good a chance at success by staying patient as it does by gambling hard on a hunch. 

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But also increasingly, the vibe is that the WFT might be edging toward the gamble ... while fans hope the move toward that edge doesn't teeter into recklessness.