RUMOR: QB Bridgewater Trade To Washington? Does The Math Add Up?

Could Teddy Bridgewater reunite with his first position coach in the NFL? Maybe, but the math just doesn't add up.
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ASHBURN, Va. -- The Washington Football Team have secured their quarterback(s) for the short-term future. 

Their names are Ryan Fitzpatrick, Kyle Allen and Taylor Heinicke, and that's also the order as the organization probably sees it. 

Teddy Bridgewater is not on that list. For now and for reasons we will detail, probably not anytime soon. 

Bridgewater is now being dangled by the Carolina Panthers after signing him to a three-year $63 million deal and asking him to play virtually the whole year without Christian McCaffrey.

They gave up on him and acquired a replacement in Sam Darnold. 

Whatever you make of the Panthers' decisions -- and we find them dubious at best -- Bridgewater is now available and it's time for some to play connect the dots. 

Bridgewater was directly mentioned as a possibility to Washington  by esteemed Panthers writer, Joe Person, in The Athletic on Tuesday. 

Person wrote, "Acquiring Darnold is the organization admitting it made a $63 million mistake in signing Bridgewater, whom they’ll now try to trade to Denver, Washington, San Francisco or another team that would benefit from one of the league’s best backup quarterbacks. It’s tough to imagine anyone taking on Bridgewater’s $17 million salary, which includes $10 million in guarantees."

There is the huge problem. Who is taking on Bridgewater's contract for him to serve as a backup?

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Matt Miller of offered this.

If we're talking about Bridgewater as a free agent - meaning he was released by the Panthers -- that's a very different argument than trading for him.

But even then, and even with a connection to the WFT's Scott Turner, who served as Bridgewater's quarterbacks coach in Minnesota  ... why would the WFT get involved?

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Because they don't have a quarterback in 2022? We would have no earthly idea if Bridgewater is that guy either. What if perhaps Ryan Fitzpatrick returns after his first year in burgundy and gold? 

Maybe it's Heinicke or Allen? Or a drafted prospect this year? 

The point: Bridgewater should be about sixth on that list in terms of options. And it's not because he can't play; it's because any potential suitors, including the WFT, can't pay.