Redskins DC Jack Del Rio Fires Off on Twitter

Chris Russell

I've had to learn a tough lesson over my 11 years on Twitter. Very little good comes from the dark cesspool of the social media world. 

Sad but true. 

Jack Del Rio might be finding that out the hard way. Or maybe not?

Late Tuesday night - the current Redskins Defensive Coordinator had an exchange with a fan that doesn't present him in the best light but certainly is not anything that is offensive or fireable. contributor Rick Snider wrote about this exchange for and he's absolutely right when he wrote in part:

"Twitter is not the right place for social discourse, because nobody, and I mean nobody, will change their mind. Your tweet of "I'm 100% for America. If you're not you can kiss my A$$" is not helping."

There was more from Del Rio on Tuesday night:

Apparently, this goes back to his days as the Raiders head coach when his wife admitted that she voted for Donald Trump and then was disappointed by his reaction to then Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch. (H/T @J_Row14)

My quick spin on this is Del Rio can say and think whatever he wants from a political standpoint, as long as it's not offensive in any reasonable context. It's a free country. 

Should he engage like this? No. Only because social media is the ruination of America's sanity and the Redskins organization as a whole is looked upon poorly already. This new coaching staff absolutely needs to reach out and connect to the fan base more than ever and by any reasonable standard, because the hard core fan might still be invested but by and large, the casual fan base has already moved on. 

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Being FOR America is NOT being a Racist. The uncouth person who brought Race into the equation IS the Racist!