I went back Monday night and watched a replay of Sunday’s Redskins’ victory over the Lions

As a result here are some quick hits and observations.

Fabian Moreau:

Moreau struggled terribly this season playing slot corner; but didn't he play well on  Sunday?

Moreau had two interceptions and now one wonders, will this move to the outside become permanent, revealing a much more effective Moreau?

Reaction from Detroit:

The Detroit News ran a headline Monday, “NFL Week 12 Washington 19, Lions 13 Rock Bottom”

Wow the Detroit editors were so bummed out from losing to the Redskins, they referred to the Lions as “Rock Bottom”. Additionally, the editors were so shaken they did not even get the score correct as the Redskins actually won 19-16.

Terry McLaurin:

Watching the replay, McLaurin is really a great route-runner. He was open several times even when not targeted.

Avoiding Obstacles:

Tied 16-16 and :26 seconds remaining, on a third down and 5 from the Detroit-38.

Dwayne Haskins steps up into the pocket to pass, left guard Ereck Flowers actually bumps into Haskins just as he begins his throwing motion. Yet Haskins commendably gets the ball to McLaurin setting up the Dustin Hopkins winning field goal.

Dangerous Pass

Trailing 16-13, facing a 3rd and 6 from the Detroit-45,  Haskins has McLaurin at the sticks for a first down; however he chooses to go further up the field to Kelvin Harmon on an out-pattern and is late on the throw. Haskins had poor ball location towards the  inside and near the cornerback. 

3rd Down Defense

In the 3rd quarter, with the Lions backed up on their own 10-yard line, they were facing a 3rd and 13.

What frustrated me  was watching the Lions successfully run a screen pass to their right gaining 17 yards and keeping the Redskins’ defense on the field.

The Lions converted (6- 15, 40%) on third downs.

The Lions time of possession was 33:30 as opposed to only 26:30 for the Redskins.

Missing Quinn

With the score tied 13-13 and a 3rd and 7, Trey Quinn is open in the middle of the field, right at the sticks for a first down.

Haskins elects to dump the ball down to Derrius Guice but even this little pass was short.

Conspicuous Misfire

1st quarter,  2nd down and 8 from the Detroit 10, Haskins makes perhaps his worst throw of the day. Though he is not pressured he misses a wide-open McLaurin on a crossing route for what would have been an easy 10-yard touchdown.

Great Catch!

On the Redskins second possession Kelvin Harmon’s leap and catch is fantastic. Notice he never uses his second hand to even secure the reception. Encouraging sign of things to come from Harmon.

Selfie Gate

There was some question on DC radio if Haskins was actually taking the selfie during the last play or perhaps after the game.

Listening to the live radio broadcast, I heard Larry Michael declare that Case Keenum was coming out to take the last snap. Chris Cooley then notified the listening audience that he sees Haskins taking a selfie with a fan. The final victory snap to Keenum occurs subsequently.

Dropped Passes?

In Sunday’s post-game interviews, Haskins declares “he dropped a couple” (referring to McLaurin).

Watching the game back, I found no passes that should be considered Redskins' drops. Guice (see above) had a pass down at his ankles. The other, is a deep pass thrown too far inside to Harmon in which Harmon dives attempting to catch.

Special Teams

The Redskins’ offense has now gone another four quarters without scoring a touchdown.

Yet Dustin Hopkins came through making all four of his needed field goal attempts and Steven Sims Jr.  displayed his explosive athleticism on his 91-yard kickoff return for a touchdown.

Running Decisively

I made note of three runs where Adrian Peterson hesitated, danced a little and lost forward momentum. 

Yet in the 2nd quarter on a first and 10 at the Redskins-49, Guice did a nice job of not dancing (not hesitating) looking for a 50-yard run. Instead he decisively put his foot in the ground and cut up field fiercely for 11 yards and a first down.

Crunch Time

Previously Haskins was a ghastly (7-20) and a mere 88 yards with an interception.

Yes, for the entire game, his numbers were inferior: (13-29) and that bad pick, along with a QBR of 28.3. The Redskins' offense was only (4-14) on 3rd downs.

However, on the last two possessions, Haskins was encouraging, completing (6-9) for 68 yards, including an 11-yard scramble for a first down.

Author's Note: Statistics provided by Pro-Football-Reference.com. Post-game quote provided by The Morning Blitz with Al Galdi. November 26, 2019.

Ivan Lambert is a lifelong die-hard Washington Redskins fan, raised in Berryville, Virginia. He is married and the father of two fine young men. He is currently a sports correspondent for The Ledger in Lakeland, Florida and can be found on Twitter @IvanLambert18