Redskins Win by Drafting Chase Young; Finds Positional Value in Others

The top four draft picks with a complete video breakdown for the Washington Redskins. A lot of juice on both sides of the line of scrimmage.

The Redskins, amid all the noise, make the right decision with their second overall pick, not trading back or entertaining quarterbacks, and just selecting defensive end Chase Young. The defensive line was already the most formidable unit of the defense, but was it elite? Was it even close? The answer is no. However, Chase Young's presence presumably elevates the Redskins into that elite tier.

Furthermore, Young was not the only person the Redskins drafted this weekend. While selecting the best player in the draft, and presumably one of the best players of this generation can win a team the draft, the rest of the players cannot go ignored. The Redskins had a few holes that could have been filled through the upcoming draft, with wide receiver, offensive tackle, and tight end topping the priority list. Washington walked away with eight selections from this past weekend, but which were the top four selections for the Redskins?

1. Chase Young, Edge, Ohio State: This was the obvious number one selection. Young was the obvious choice for Washington, and he is a complete havoc wreaker on the defensive line. He possesses several instinctual pass-rush moves, as both a speed and power rusher. Over previous seasons, the Redskins had good players in their front seven, but they never had that "A" player. Young is just that, and players such as Montez Sweat and Ryan Kerrigan should be able to flourish as a result of the attention Young should require.

2. Antonio Gandy-Golden, WR, Liberty: Gandy-Golden is a sneaky selection for the Redskins; however, it was a necessity. Gandy-Golden came out of Liberty with 2,400 receiving yards and 20 touchdowns in two seasons. At 6'4, Antonio is not necessarily just a red-zone target; he is capable of working in between the '20s as well. The immediate thought that came to my head was Marques Colston, Antonio has the route-running, hands, and leaping ability to give the average cornerback fits throughout a game. Given that he is not a premier player that requires much attention, Gandy-Golden will be facing second-string cornerbacks, at best.

3. Antonio Gibson, WR/RB, Memphis: Gibson is as good as it gets when it comes to versatility. He was an extremely desirable player for many teams, and the Redskins got great value drafting him where they did. Gibson is basically a running back who plays receiver, the opposite of new Redskin' J.D. McKissic's profile. Gibson has the ball-carrier vision, hands, functional strength, and speed to handle both receivers and running back responsibilities. He can be utilized how Carolina Panther's running back Christian McCaffrey was used during his time with Scott Turner - all over the field on offense. Additionally, it does not stop there with Gibson; he is capable of being an electric returner, something that the Redskins has lacked for some time now. Whether or not that is as a kick or punt returner, and with the emergence of Steven Sims making noise on special teams, he will have to find his way at either role. 

4. Saahdiq Charles, OT, LSU: Over the weekend, the Trent Williams saga officially ended in Washington as the pro-bowler was traded to the San Francisco 49ers. Saying Saahdiq is "Trent's replacement" would be irresponsible, but what one can say is that the Redskins have found a prospect to groom and develop into a starting quality tackle for the future. Saahdiq Charles did a great job protecting the 2020 first-overall selection, Joe Burrow, at LSU. Charles is an agile athlete who plays with good awareness and base that his position requires as a pro. He is still viewed as a developmental player; however, with proper coaching, he should not take long to reach his potential.  

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Jamual Forrest has been a freelance sports journalist for four years, covering the Washington Redskins and can be heard as a co-host on The Hog Sty Network's "The Hog Sty" podcast. Additionally, Jamual contributes to The Hog Sty Network and SB Nation's Hogs Haven. You can follow Jamual on Twitter at @LetMualTellit and see his Redskins film breakdowns here.