Redwolves the Clubhouse Leader?

Chris Russell

A poll. A fan vote. Is it worth anything? Probably not. 

Has Dan Snyder ever been moved or intimidated by fan desire or revolt? That's debatable. 

Will he be this time when it comes to the looming name change? It's hard to fathom. 

Polls mean very little to me if I'm being completely honest. 

They are so wrong in so many ways and usually do not sample enough to get a true read. 

It's why I don't believe TV ratings are accurate. How could they be?

Also, I was probably the only person that had an issue with the infamous Washington Post poll of only 504 Native Americans (in a country of around six million at the time), which everyone ran around and trumpeted, including Dan Snyder and his cronies. 

Back to the matter at hand: If polls do mean anything, a large section of presumably burgundy and gold fans want Redwolves to be the name of the next generation.

Redtails also had an impressive showing as of Thursday evening and Warriors did OK too, with over 4,500 votes registered. 

Redwolves is a name that I had not really considered or heard much about until now so this is very eye-opening. Then again, crossing a Red Wolf would be frightening.

Red Wolf 1 Wikipedia

Why does it make sense? You get to keep the "Red" part of the current name and it does sound ferocious. Plus, you can keep the #HTTR hashtag and motto. 

Jordan Asri from @SkinsToday, a popular twitter handle - pointed out this, which I didn't know about Redwolves. 

Then there's this from the guys at NBC Sports Washington and former Redskins Cornerback Fred Smoot.

Hail to the Redwolves??? Who knows. It does check a lot of boxes but doesn't have that strong military connection or any kind of direct D.C. connection, so it might not meet all the requirements that Snyder and Ron Rivera are looking for. 

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