Report: Partners Want Snyder to Sell

Chris Russell

The battle between Dan Snyder vs. Dwight Schar, Frederick Smith AKA "FedExFred" and Bob Rothman, the three minority owners of the Washington Football Team is intensifying seemingly by the hour. 

A new report in the Wall Street Journal suggests that the three partners who were friends with Snyder for a long time are drawing a new line in the sand. 

This is not a surprising move in any way. The partners have united together in trying to sell their roughly 40% combined stake of the organization. 

When they realized that they either would not get a good return on their investment or that nobody with absurd wealth (Jeff Bezos?) wants to be a silent partner with Snyder, they apparently are trying a different tactic. 

As we reported on July 5th: "On at least several occasions, I had heard from sources about the minority owners being frustrated with Snyder and completely agitated with Allen's lack of leadership over his 'decade of destruction.'

Now it appears that the group, who despite finally getting their wish that Allen was removed, apparently wants more. 

The problem is this: If they were to succeed in getting the Snyder family to sell their majority stake in the franchise - they wouldn't be in control assuming one person or entity bought Snyder's side. 

Perhaps they are not looking for power as much as they are looking to divorce themselves from "Dandy Dan" as quickly as they can. In whatever way they can. 

On Monday, we found out that Snyder was trying to shake down what he feels is a scheme to humiliate him through a former employee, Mary Ellen Blair and a financial backer. 

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Nobody will say it on the record, but it's believed that Snyder feels that money man is Schar. 

The Wall Street Journal has strong fresh quotes from Schar's daughter which make it more than clear that Schar's side is fighting back against either the perception or the reality. 

No matter who says what - this much is clear. The fight is heating up from both sides and we're heading to divorce court. 

The question is this: Who will be the judge? Roger Goodell? 

The NFL has long been down on Snyder. They strongly pushed Brian Lafemina on Snyder and the organization to fix the many problems, only to see the successful executive fired in about eight months. 

They've seen a tremendously valuable asset rot to its very core. 

The fan base, the ratings, the corporate power, greed and wealth that all comes with a successful franchise in the nation's capital has gone from proud and passionate to an enormous pothole. 

The NFL better solve this problem soon and while I'm not sure how they do it - they better do something. 

If Snyder refuses to sell and the three partners can't find a buyer - the organization will suffer as it has for a quarter century. 

Someone with power and influence has to step in. 

Now. Not a year from now. Today. It's already too late. 

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Beer is Food
Beer is Food

Snyder has lucked out by being presented with the perfect time to sell. The question is, is he going to be smart enough to take advantage of the opportunity?

Snyder has already lost the fan base... and there is no going back.

Societal pressure to change the name couldn’t come at a better time. He can cut his losses and sell an NFL team in one of the hottest markets offering the new owner the option of complete rebranding. Talk about maximum dollar for a lost cause. He simply doesn’t deserve the no brainer opportunity presented to him. And, considering Snyder’s track record, I’ll give him a 99% chance of blowing it!

Ben Heisler
Ben Heisler

Snyder leaving could reinvigorate Washington's fanbase.

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Speaking as a lifelong fan pushing 40, it absolutely would reinvigorate me. And it's literally the only thing that would reinvigorate me or encourage me to spend money on the franchise. My financial boycott of the team began in 2016. About 16 years too late.


Probably time for a change for the Washington Football team