Rivera: "I'm Holding Up Well"

Chris Russell

Washington Football Team Head Coach Ron Rivera is battling cancer and the grind of an NFL season after having no offseason break. 

He says he's doing good but was kind enough to explain some of the extra measures he's taking to put his health first over anything silly like taking timeouts in a game that's already over. 

A tip to my pal Scott Abraham of ABC-7 for asking about Rivera's health. In full disclosure, I am always hesitant to ask just because i don't want to put Rivera in an awkward situation, but maybe that's just me being sensitive. 

A couple of things that stood out about Rivera's answer to Abraham. 

By flying privately, he does eliminate the five-hour confinement near 75 or so people  as a cancer patient on a team flight.

That's good, obviously, because with the coronavirus concerns that everyone has (or should have) and the possible lower resistance that a cancer patient would typically have, you don't want to take any unnecessary risks. 

A team source confirmed to "Washington Football" on SI.com that Rivera used "one of Dan's (Snyder) planes" to get to and from the Phoenix area. 

As was reported yesterday, Snyder and his wife Tanya did not make the trip to Arizona after testing negative for the virus but because they came in contact with someone who did test positive. 

Rivera said he was able to sleep the entire trip back from Arizona which would have allowed him to hit the game tape hard early Monday morning. 

He also has treatment for Monday afternoon and a quick turnaround to another road trip on Saturday to Cleveland. 

It's not immediately clear what the plan is moving forward. 

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