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Rivera & Mayhew Reveal Washington Football Team NFL Draft Thoughts

We are less than two weeks away from the NFL Draft and Ron Rivera along with Martin Mayhew provide some insight for the WFT.

ASHBURN, Va. -- Washington Football Team head coach Ron Rivera and general manager Martin Mayhew met with the media on Friday morning for the final time before the first round of the NFL Draft. 

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*On the state of the quarterback position - who the WFT have in-house vs. what they might target: "It's a really good question and one that I won't answer," says Mayhew, who adds that he feels comfortable with the quarterbacks they have. 

*On NFL Draft research: Rivera says they've had to dig deeper for tape and back to 2019 because of opt-outs and limited games in 2020. 

He says they can do up to five Zoom calls with players and they have used all of those with players that they had more questions on. 

*Rivera and Mayhew say the lack of games and opportunities to grow makes the whole process even more complicated because it's hard to compare growth, especially at the quarterback position. 

*Mayhew says 'you can create value' on trading up or trading down. "We're open to doing either." 

*Rivera says 'it's really about getting the right quarterback." 

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*On the current NFLPA voluntary players boycott - says "it's a voluntary program" and instructed his coaches that it cannot be held against the players who choose to sit.

*Mayhew says that one of the best things about this draft is that teams and fans don't necessarily know what kind of qualities he's looking for in a quarterback. "

*If you don't have one, as a GM, you're always looking for that," Mayhew on finding a franchise QB. "It's a very, very difficult position to play." 

*Both Rivera and Mayhew salute the scouts for the organization dealing with a limited selection pool and all of the challenges. 

*"If I get to that bridge, we'll cross it" - Rivera on how he would balance snaps for a young (rookie) QB along with a veteran competition between the three QB's they realistically have now. 

*Rivera compares Sammis Reyes to Jimmy Graham and says it was Marty Hurney that really zeroed in on the Chilean basketball player as a possible tight end. 

*We asked Ron Rivera if Landon Collins was speaking for himself or the organization when he said he wasn't switching to linebacker. "That was Landon," the coach says.

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