Rivera Reveals Unusual Washington QBs Idea Vs. Bucs In NFL Playoffs

Could the Washington Football Team rotate quarterbacks Saturday night? Could Taylor Heinicke ultimately start? Coach Ron Rivera With Some Revealing NFL Playoff Thoughts For The Bucs Game

ASHBURN, Va. -- Washington Football Team head coach Ron Rivera surprisingly admitted to Washington Football on SI.com's question on a Tuesday media call that the WFT could rotate their quarterbacks Alex Smith and Taylor Heinicke on Saturday night in the NFL Playoffs against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. 

To peel back the proverbial onion: SI was first up on Tuesday morning in terms of question order and Rivera was asked if there was anything schematically that staffers Scott Turner, Ken Zampese and Rivera could do if Smith tightens up over the course of the game. 

Rivera said one of the possible options is to rotate, perhaps by series, Smith and Heinicke against the Bucs' aggressive defense, which would be almost unprecedented. 

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Rivera was pressed on the issue and made one thing clear: it's an option, not a definitive plan. 

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"I didn't say I was going to do it ... It's something we might have to think about," Rivera said.

When asked what the circumstances would be for such an option to be enacted, Rivera said, "We'll address it when it happens." 

The reason for our question: Smith admitted that as the game wore on Sunday night in the win over Philly, he clearly had more issues and in our opinion, especially in the first half, it appeared Washington was using more five- and seven-step drops than what was expected. 

Can WFT lessen the pressure on Smith's leg by one-step pivot drops or three-step drops either from under center or shotgun? 

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The other important question we have to ask is this: Is there a chance that Smith does not start the Saturday night postseason outing? Or only enters if Washington's staff feels their season is in jeopardy of ending? 

"I think what we have to do at the end of the day is play the guy who gives us the best chance to win," Rivera said.