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Why Is QB Ryan Fitzpatrick ‘Oozing’ In Washington?

Fitzpatrick is a veteran who has made his way around the league. In his first year with the WFT, he wants to make an impact on younger players.

Ryan Fitzpatrick entered the league in 2005. He has made his way around the league entering his 17th season. Could this be his best yet? 

The Washington Football Team signed Fitzpatrick to a one-year deal in the offseason and this marks the journeyman's ninth team.

Fitzpatrick was attracted to the young talent that has been built in D.C. This is a reason he decided to sign with the WFT and believes there is plenty he can contribute.

"For me, as my career has gone on, and just with the experience factor and trying to help guys gain confidence. My career has been a roller coaster, but I have never lost my confidence," Fitzpatrick told the "Brother from Another" podcast. "That's why I'm still playing 17 years later, and that's one of the lessons that I try to ooze confidence and hope it trickles down to those guys."

Fitzpatrick was a seventh-round selection of the St. Louis Rams back out of Harvard, He did not get a chance to start consistently until 2008 with the Cincinnati Bengals. 

While it has been a long time, Fitzpatrick remembers what it was like breaking into the league. 

"For some of the younger guys it's important, because you're always the best at every level and then all of the sudden you get to the NFL and you're not the best guy on the team anymore," Fitzpatrick said. "Those first few years for guys when they struggle are hard. So just being there and understanding the importance of confidence and belief in yourself, that's a big thing."

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Some of the main weapons for Washington on the offensive side of the ball were not in middle school when Fitzpatrick was drafted. Terry McLaurin is the “old guy” at 25. Both Curtis Samuel and Antonio Gibson are even younger than that.

Fitzpatrick has played on many teams in many different situations. This has prepared himself to adapt to whatever type of team he signs with. In 2021, it will be a young, up-and-coming team in Washington.

"I think No. 1 is you have to be yourself. You have to be genuine, if you're trying to be somebody you're not, guys see right through that," Fitzpatrick said. "Unfortunately that happens quite a bit where guys are maybe one way in the locker room and one way to the media.

"The X's and O's are one thing. And I'll figure out how to call the play and where Terry (McLaurin) is gonna be on a route, but getting to know the guys a little bit and starting that camaraderie, to me, when I bounce from team to team, that's one of the most important things."

Fitzpatrick is viewed as a short-term option for Washington until they are able to land their franchise quarterback. This could very well be a multi-year situation for WFT with Fitzpatrick under center. 

He will have to perform at a high level if Washington wants to return to the postseason.

What we do know is that Fitzpatrick will bring great energy, great leadership, and great confidence — three important qualities for a quarterback of a team looking to compete right away.

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