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Source: Rivera Has 2 Favorites As Washington GM

Source: Boss Rivera Has Two Favorites As Washington Football Team GM

A year ago, when Washington Football Team owner Dan Snyder announced the hiring of coach Ron Rivera, he said the organization would have "one voice - the coach's.''

But the coach needs help from other voices, too. So as Rivera oversees the coming appointment of a GM, a source tells Washington Football at SI that his favorite names are Marty Hurney and Martin Mayhew.

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Hurney's connections with Rivera are well-documented in this space. Hurney is viewed as an "old-school GM'' - not at all an insult, but rather a characterization born of his background.

Mayhew has an NFL history as a personnel man and even as a GM in Detroit. The Washington Post reports that the team has requested an interview with Mayhew, presently the 49ers vice president of player personnel. Mayhew is also a former WFT player and a Super Bowl winner in Washington.

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Former Washington Football Team head coach Jay Gruden, it appears, might get what his supporters would say is his due. reports the WFT has also requested an interview with Titans vice president of player personnel Ryan Cowden. Cowden has a Panthers tie with Rivera and figures as a legitimate candidate as well.

And Schoen, the Bills assistant GM, also deserves a mention here, the source tells Washington Football at SI. Schoen was once in the Carolina scouting department. (A source connected to the Panthers process tells us that Schoen may be most interested in that job.)

The "favorites'' can change depending on the interview process, of course. One thing is clear: Rivera is going to lead the selection process - and you can see that in this list of people, all of whom have Rivera/Washington connections. The coach has total control of football operations, with the blessing of owner Dan Snyder.

There is also a decision to be made about the respected Kyle Smith, the Washington VP of player personnel, who may land elsewhere.

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