Source: Dan's Not Interfering

Chris Russell

Hereeee we go, again! Oh wait, we already went there earlier this week! 

The Todd McShay generated drama from this week on 'Cold Pizza' or whatever that show is called, generated a couple of new logs on the always smoldering fire that the Redskins are. 

Whenever we have a major report of this kind - even though it wasn't a hard-core report, it was more commentary, our job is to flush it out. 

In talking to multiple sources over the last couple of days - I walked away with this: 

One tapped-in source said "Dan Snyder is NOT interfering." I can't quote other things I was told because this is a PG-13 content story but you get the point. 

Interfering is also different than Dan being involved. There's a clear difference. 

What McShay said is beyond CLEAR and would be considered interference in my opinion and hopefully yours. 

I would also add that another informed source felt McShay's words were warranted and legitimate based on Snyder's long track record of interference. 

We've pointed out that Snyder was heavily involved and interfering three months into the Mike Shanahan regime. 

If Snyder interfered that quickly in 2010 - wouldn't it stand to reason he could do the same thing in 2020, regardless of what he contractually promised and sold Ron Rivera on? 

Of course that could be the case. Do I believe it? No, not this time. I believe Dan has learned through all of his mistakes. 

Do I think he's provided his opinion and perspective? Yes. Do I think he's ordered the 'code-red'? No. 

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