Source: Dunbar Didn't Want Mega Dollars

Chris Russell

The Washington Redskins made a relatively quick-trigger decision Monday. Actually they made a few decisions. One needs more examination. 

They've been open to trading Quinton Dunbar for weeks, from what I understand and what common sense tells me. 

They were hoping to get a better return than a fifth-round pick but apparently were exhausted with Dunbar throwing the new regime under the bus and did not want more teams to fill their holes at cornerback and leave the Redskins with no options and a disgruntled player souring the locker room and building. 

I believe the Redskins rushed into this deal, when they didn't HAVE to make a deal right now. Eventually, they would have to have settled the situation but they made their decision early in this process. 

Per a informed source - the Redskins decided not to give Quinton Dunbar a new contract AND to not give him even a moderate or fair raise. 

They decided that Dunbar would play for his current salary of $3.25 million in 2020 and that was it. No raise. No extension. No negotiation. 

From what I understand, Dunbar was NOT looking for a top-of-the-market deal as I had wondered about. 

Per the source - Dunbar was looking for a raise that was roughly double his 2020 salary and did not want an extension. He wasn't even sure he wanted to stay in Washington long-term. 

He did not want $10 million dollars for 2020 or $14 million, as I speculated. 

He wanted a raise in 2020 and the ability to hit free agency in 2021. 

Dunbar was apparently willing to risk his financial future in exchange for the freedom to leave in 2021 and by getting a good bump now. 

Apparently - he was told no chance. From what I understand, Dunbar was even willing to take a smaller raise along with a boosted incentive structure based on playtime incentives. 

Perhaps it was Rivera's way of testing Dunbar? He wanted to see how he would react. 

If that's true, Dunbar fell right into the trap and ate the cheese. 

He consistently unloaded and vented his frustrations and Rivera along with Kyle Smith decided that they had enough. 

The Redskins wouldn't budge and Dunbar wouldn't bury his frustration, either. 

He might get a contract extension in Seattle once the deal becomes official (it's not signed off on as of now) or he might choose to wait. 

It will be interesting to see what happens if the Seahawks choose to delay giving Dunbar a raise. He's played his trump card for now and he doesn't have much (if any) leverage right now.

The Redskins determined that their culture change was much more important than being patient with a young player who handled the situation poorly (in public) but who was one of the rare success stories. 

That's mostly understandable. Especially with a new sheriff in town and willing to take a  lower return to clean house. 

What I didn't like is the apparent hard core stance that the Redskins took per the source, which was absolutely no wiggle room or willingness to budge. 

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