Sources: Snyder Wants to Continue to Honor Native Americans But Keep Emblem and Colors

Chris Russell

What will the new name of the Washington NFL team be after 'Redskins' is disposed of? 

The obvious answer is we don't know but sources told that Dan Snyder would like to pay homage to the past. 

This is a bit more: 

"Dan would like to continue to honor Native Americans. He would like to keep the emblem and uniform," is what I was told by one source. 

Another source backed that desire up and also added that paying homage to the past and not completely burying the controversial history of the franchise is important to Snyder, who once famously said "we'll never change the name. It's that simple. NEVER — you can use caps."

"Dan realizes that the Redskins name is detrimental to business," one source said. 

The same source added that it was a very good "bet" that the name would change soon. 

Let's start here: I am totally one-thousand percent in favor of keeping the burgundy and gold color scheme. If you want to add black to it or something else, fine. 

Don't get rid of the burgundy and gold. That's important. Just change the horrible pants that Bruce Allen loved so much at one point. 

Redskins Yellow pants Kerrigan
Hogs Haven

Now - the franchise absolutely MUST not keep anything close to the current logo. 

New Redskins Helmet © Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

No thanks. Not in a million years would I keep an Indian Head design or logo anywhere near my product. No chance. Don't be dumb. 

No feathers, no spears and absolutely no tributes to the 'Redskins' or anything to do with Native American imagery. 

You cannot risk this blowing up on you. You cannot give the media which has nothing but time on their hands and hates covering actual real football a chance to keep pummelling you. Don't do it. It's simple. 

The colors are great. That's your tribute. That is your history. 

Don't put yourself in a position where two years from now or 20 years from now, you have to go through this again. 

If you think the pressure is going to let up, it won't. They are just going to attack and sink their teeth in until you fold. 

If you keep a connection to the past that you think is good, check again. The Cleveland Indians are facing that dilemma now as well, despite making cosmetic changes in the past. 

'Time for Change': Washington, Indians Contemplating Name Changes

The Washington football team and Cleveland Indians have used their respective nicknames for a combined 192 years. In a period of 10 hours Friday, both might have entered their final weeks of existence after decades of controversy.

Dan - you've already caved to insurmountable pressure once. Don't put yourself in any kind of position to have to do it again. 

This isn't that hard. Use common sense. 

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If the name must be changed, what is wrong with Warriors or Redhawks? Warriors are fighters to the end, just like football players. Our military personnel are Warriors. And, what is wrong with having a spear or arrow in the logo? There is absolutely nothing derogatory about spears and arrows. They were used for by my people to hunt food. Arrows are still used to hunt by many races. There is nothing racially related to the names Warriors or Redhawks or spears/arrows.


Yes with the times we are in, the Skins should change the name but I would be in no rush to do it before the season and probably by 2021. I would not change the logo at all, that is the tradition and history. Name yes but not the logo.


Wanna honor the past? Why would you not name the football team... The Washington Pohawtons? ......they were the Nation who’s land USA stole ....or....The Washington Forked Tongues ...the broke every treay w/First Nations...or Obvious ...Washington Wannabees....Get your own courage...Thieves Rapists Misappropriation other possibilities...cmon danny boy 1% snyder..grow up...


I am 1/4 Choctaw Indian. I have been a Redskins fan since about the time I could walk. I am very proud of the name and logo. I think it honors our heritage and history. There is nothing racist or derogatory about it. It makes me sick to think that a historical symbol will be erased because of corporate greed.


I am a full-blooded Native American and am very proud of the Redskins name! I did a full study Redskins names and it is not red skin! And the only reason we were called red skin because of the fact that we used berries to put dye on our skin! That made us look red! So these people that are be in followers instead of leaders and listening to Advocate talk crap they need to stop it! Like I said I am called of the Redskins name because we are not remembered by much and this is one thing we need to keep! Hail to the Redskins forever!