Roethlisberger To Washington Idea Dies Quick Death

The idea that the WFT should acquire Ben Roethlisberger? Put a fork in it
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We truly believe we've exhausted every viable idea for who might, and should, play QB for the Washington Football Team in 2021. We also believe we killed the "WFT should acquire Ben Roethlisberger'' idea before it got any real traction, a it was an odd "what-if'' coming courtesy of what we will label "the fertile mind'' of Mike Florio at

But now, in case it was still on some sort of PFT life support? All involved in the Ben-Steelers circle have made it clear he's coming back to Pittsburgh for 2021. ... thus leading us wondering where the heck this story of Ben as a WFT "option'' ever came from.

Whispers? Sources? Imagination?

Wrote Florio: "The Steelers, fully aware that they may not have enough around quarterback Ben Roethlisberger to justify bringing him back for another year, suddenly seem to be ambivalent about an ongoing relationship. So if (and it’s still a fairly big if) the Steelers decide to sever ties with Big Ben, he’ll become a free agent.

"If Ben would be willing to explore another year or two with another team, the question then becomes whether another team would want him,'' PFT adding that the "potentially viable options'' include Washington.

Forget for a moment that, while acknowledging the "never-say-never'' NFL world in which we live, there was simply no evidence of a WFT connection with Big Ben. None.

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So now that silliness is over. 

We can, and have, brainstormed our way to a dozen scenarios that would have a variety of QBs playing here in 2021. Russell Wilson. Deshaun Watson. Sam Darnold. Mitch Trubisky. Cam Newton. Ryan Fitzpatrick. Alex Smith, Taylor Heinicke. On and on we can go ...

These scenarios do not feature Ben Roethlisberger. ... and we have serious doubts that if we asked coach Ron Rivera, over a beer, to name the top two or three or 10 ideas on "who were ever candidates to QB the WFT in 2021,'' that Big Ben's name would float to the top.

So the imagination people go back to the drawing board. And the WFT people? They've never budged from the drawing board where the real QB decisions need to be made.

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