Stephen A. Smith Touts Aaron Rodgers Trade To Washington Football Team

Stephen A. Smith is likely unaware of the fact that Rodgers doesn’t have Washington on his wish list. But why should ESPN care about facts?
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Let’s put down the groundwork on Stephen A. Smith and the Washington Football Team: The colorful ESPN personality knows infinitely less about Aaron Rodgers and the WFT than you do.

So our mention of Smith’s views of the situation, via ESPN’s “First Take,” are repeated here not for their news value (for they have zero news value) but rather for their entertainment value.

For that is the only real NFL value the purposely outrageously Smith offers.

So understanding that going in …

“Believe it or not, I am with the Washington Football Team,” Smith said when asked about a destination for the perennially disgruntled All-Pro QB Rodgers. “Even though it is absolutely disgraceful they don’t have a name, I love all the moves that they’ve made on the executive level with Jason Wright, Julie Donaldson and others.”

Smith continued, “The Football Team, from a defensive standpoint, they are elite, as far as I am concerned. Coach Ron Rivera, I get all of that, but to me, the Washington Football Team, you need a name, get a name.

“Outside of that, I am going to tell you, this might be the perfect landing spot (for Smith).”

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We work on the assumption that Smith, in addition. To being distracted by the WFT nickname issue that, while important, has nothing to do with this story, might know who team president Wright is … that a producer fed him the name of senior VP of media Donaldson … and that Google helped him identify the names of Terry McLaurin, J.D. McKissic, Logan Thomas and Antonio Gibson.

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Smith is likely unaware of the fact that Rodgers doesn’t have Washington on his wish list. But if Green Bay ever agrees to deal Rodgers? The Washington Football Team represents a more interesting “gossip idea” than it does a “news item.”

And for Stephen A. Smith’s purposes? That’ll work just fine.