Bucs Coach Fires Back At WFT's Chase Young For 'Wanting Brady'

'I Want Tom!' Is Washington Football Team Rookie Chase Young 'Talking Trash' To Tampa Bay Bucs QB Legend Brady? Bruce Arians Has His Response
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Washington Football Team defensive end Chase Young is a boisterous sort and a playful sort and it is his job to confidently approach the task of sacking the other team's quarterback.

Therefore ...

“Tell Brady, I’m coming. I want Tom. I want Tom!” as Young said to nobody in particular as he skipped off the FedExField turf following Sunday's 20-16 playoff-clinching win over Philly.

Is this "trash talk''? A "message for the quarterback''? Was Young aware that cameras and microphones were rolling?

Out opinion is that "I want Tom!'' is a "hope,'' rather than a "boast.'' 

No matter. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and their quarterback, next weekend's Round 1 NFL Playoffs foe, will surely pin the quote to their bulletin board, or whatever the modern Instagram/TikTok/Twitter version of "bulletin-board material is.

Indeed, Bucs coach Bruce Arians has issued a respectful response.

"He's a hell of a player,'' Arians said of Young. "Making him a captain as a rookie speaks volumes. ... We'll have our hands full, but it's one of those games where you better watch what you wish for."

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In other words ... the remark is going to make Bruce's bulletin board.

Saturday’s Tampa Bay-Washington game will be Tom Brady's 42nd playoff game. Of course, the first 41 were in New England, where the future Hall-of-Famer rose to most every challenge in becoming a Patriots legend and maybe the best QB in the history of the sport.

Meanwhile, this will obviously be the rookie Young’s first career postseason game. Maybe the youthful Pro Bowler and team captain will be taught a lesson about being "boisterous and playful'' when it comes to challenging a legend. Or maybe - though WFT registers as a touchdown underdog in the upcoming home game - Young will be able to back up his words.

But this much is true: Chase Young's motor (and not just his motormouth) assure that he'll go all-out, no matter what anybody says about him. And "bulletin-board'' myths aside, Tom Brady probably doesn't need too much silly inspiration, either.