The Redskins Big Five

The Last Dance was a revealing look inside the final year of the Bulls dynasty. The Washington Redskins could tell a lot of stories over the year. Here's the Redskins big-five!

The Last Dance and more 30 for 30’s coming to ESPN, has gotten everyone thinking about which next sports team, moment, or individual they would like to see next. It is no different with the Washington Redskins. We've had the NFL Network do in-depth looks at the likes of Joe Gibbs and Doug Williams, but others have been left behind. Here are the five documentaries that I would like to see done on the Redskins:

Dexter Manley

Dexter is arguably the greatest pass rusher that has ever worn a Redskins uniform. His career sack total would be higher is the NFL had recorded sacks prior to 1982. But it is not his prowess on the field that we should be focusing on. Rather it is his story off it about his childhood, his struggle with being illiterate, and how he has gotten to be who he is today. While the old guard of fans are mostly aware of his life story, it would be important for the younger generations to know who this great Redskin is.

10 Years of Bruce Allen - A Decade of Destruction?

This story might take a while to get flushed out but getting the real and full story behind Bruce Allen’s tenure in D.C. would be documentary gold. From the hiring of Mike Shanahan and what was supposed to be a turning of the page and return to the glory days to the #firebruceallen movement and near empty stadiums. Give us all the juicy details on what was one of the worst disastrous personnel tenures in NFL history.

Jack Kent Cooke vs. John Kent Cooke vs. Daniel Snyder

This documentary really the documentary of my generation. Jack Kent Cooke dies and doesn’t leave the Redskins to his kids. Rather he leaves instructions for his foundation to sell the team leaving John Kent Cooke scrambling to put a big enough bid to win. In swoops Daniel Snyder and the last 20 years are history. Diving into the history of Cooke owning the team, what went into this shocking revelation, and coming to how things are present day would lead to one of the most interesting Redskins documentaries made.

Bobby Mitchell

When Bobby Mitchell died earlier this year (2020 is just unrelenting) thoughts and memories poured out about what Mitchell meant to the Redskins and the fan base. While there might have already been something done on Bobby in the past, the importance of him to the franchise being the first African American football player to wear burgundy and gold could use more story telling for all to hear.

1991 Washington Redskins

These types of films are always at their best when they look at the greatest teams ever assembled. The ’91 Redskins have been ranked as one of the greatest teams to win the Super Bowl due to how they blew past their competition. The build up to how the team was assembled and what it took to obtain their greatness would captivate even the casual football fan.

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