The Right Time to Release Guice?

Chris Russell

The Washington Football Team immediately released Derrius Guice upon gathering their own information and the criminal charges that were filed against Guice in Loudoun County, Virginia on Friday afternoon. 

Was it the right time to almost immediately cut the cord before the legal system plays itself out? 

Isn't someone "innocent" before proven guilty? 

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Ron Rivera and Washington apparently either made a quick judgement of Guice's guilt OR they used common sense and realized that even if legal charges were eventually dropped or if Guice proved that he wasn't guilty - there would be no way to maximize an asset and have him available to help the football team. 

Not to mention the fact that it's impossible to change the culture which was rotten to the core and then preach patience and support someone charged with a felony count of strangulation among other charges. 

The danger in being aggressive like Ron Rivera and the organization were is this: Sometimes evidence doesn't stick. Occasionally witnesses or victims change their story or refuse to testify. 

You could be in a situation just like two other teams that supported (to some degree) their players as the New York Giants and Seattle Seahawks did with DeAndre Baker and former Washington CB Quinton Dunbar. 

Baker had his charges stick and is in major jeopardy of never playing again in the NFL while Dunbar had his charges dropped due to insufficient evidence. 

If Seattle had done with Dunbar what Washington just did with Guice, they'd be out of a major asset. Likewise, the Giants are perhaps regretting what they didn't do. 

It's very possible that the organization knows a lot more than the public knows right now. There's no way to truly know and they are highly unlikely to discuss this in public.

Trust me, this situation won't be highlighted on Unfiltered. 

Maybe Washington doesn't know really anything more than what has been reported and released? Perhaps they simply said regardless of what happened or didn't happen, they cannot tolerate someone putting themselves and the organization in a horrible light?

Either way, as we discussed in the video above - the Washington Football Team and the NFL is NOT in anyway subject to waiting for the criminal justice system to play out. 

They are a private entity and a private employer. 

They have the right to "fire" an employee whose actions cause harm to the organization or shield in any way. 

Even if Guice were to be found not guilty, the organization would look terrible for standing by and supporting someone accused of a terrible crime. 

They made the right decision. There should be no question about that. 

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