Theismann: "That’s unprofessional & wrong."

Chris Russell

Dwayne Haskins and the Redskins were trying to celebrate a second win of the season and for Haskins, his first ever NFL win. 

The Washington Redskins beat the Detroit Lions, 19-16 thanks to a great effort from their special teams in the first half from Steven Sims and the second half from Dustin Hopkins, along with a feisty defense that got after young backup quarterback, Jeff Driskel. 

The problem? As it almost always is in Washington, with the quarterback position, it's something that Haskins did when he thought the game was essentially decided that has become the main story and will be dissected all week. 

He celebrated with the fans, before Fabian Moreau's game-sealing interception and then wasn't available for the final victory kneel down snap as Case Keenum took the field. 

A caller to my radio show on 106.7 The FAN, identified himself as a long-time season ticket holder who took a picture with Haskins and his son, behind the Redskins bench BEFORE (he said) Moreau's game-sealing pick. 

I have no way to prove if  he was right or wrong, but he was actually defending Haskins' joy and passion to be with the fans. 

I agree that we shouldn't take that happiness and emotion away, however there's a time and place for everything. 

This is not going to sit well with the old guard or even many that are much more in touch with young athletes. 

It's not sitting well with Redskins legend Joe Theismann. 

I don't have a major problem with this situation, if I'm being honest. 

Was it the right or smart thing to do? No. Haskins made a timing mistake in professional football. 

He has to learn from this and I assume he will. 

He didn't cost his team a win or do anything bad. It was premature celebration and that's it. 

Haskins seemed annoyed about some of the questions after the game and he's going to have to learn that everything he does or says is a  big deal to many. It's not just the media that will consider this an important lesson to learn. 

If he needs any help figuring out how Washington can grind on a quarterback, he can call Robert Griffin III or Kirk Cousins.

Or he can grow up really quickly and realize that he has to start acting like he's 42 instead of 22. 

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