Terry McLaurin A True WFT 'Good Guy'

Terry McLaurin is making some WFT news that has nothing to do with his terrific on-the-field efforts
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ASHBURN, Va. -- The season came to an end late Saturday night at FedExField and there's a lot of promise, hope and yet some uncertainty as every team faces heading into the offseason. 

One player who knows for sure that he's not going anywhere is receiver Terry McLaurin. 

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A leader, a captain and a stud rolled into one. He also has a new title. He's a 'Good Guy'. 

McLaurin was awarded an honor that he clearly cares about. He was the local media groups' selection for the annual award that goes to the player who best assists the media by offering their time and their cooperation.

While some fans - not just fans of the Washington Football Team, but elsewhere - sometimes don't fully understand is that players' cooperation with the media isn't about the media ... it's about journalists being a conduit of information to fans.

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Some guys, like McLaurin, completely get it.

McLaurin, long before he was a captain, was a go-to perspective player because he's so smart, mature and has wisdom way beyond his years. 

The fact that he didn't change at all from his rookie year to his sophomore season in the NFL only bolstered his standing. 

"I really accept it humbly," McLaurin said. "Especially seeing A-P (Adrian Peterson) get it last year, so thank you guys." 

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As ESPN's John Keim noted: as a group on behalf of Terry McLaurin, a donation will be made to the Vaughn McClure Foundation. 

McClure, who passed away this season, covered the Falcons for ESPN and was a friend to many in the media and sports world.