Trade for Aaron Rodgers? Washington Football Team Fan Reaction Split

What to do about Aaron Rodgers, if he becomes available from the Green Bay Packers? Should the WFT be all-in? Here's what some fans and media think.
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ASHBURN, Va. -- Should the Washington Football Team even attempt to get into a bidding war with the Denver Broncos and others, if and when Aaron Rodgers becomes available via a trade from the Green Bay Packers?

Let's start with this:  It's still highly unlikely Green Bay would trade him at this point. But …

We've had mixed opinion on this site about the issue. 

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 I think Washington would be crazy to trade possibly two starters, three or four high-value draft picks and possibly more for a late-30’s quarterback, MVP award and all, even with his contract in place for three years.

What about you - The Washington Football fan that has been thirsting for a true championship contender?

Remember: not only do you have to pay Green Bay the compensation required along with Rodgers contract, but you would likely also have to give Rodgers an extension or an altered pay structure (more guarantees) in the next few years.

For how long? Nobody knows. How much? Again, no clue, but if you think the trade compensation is obscene, the dollars for a premier QB isn't going to be cap-friendly, either.

Another element is this: Will Rodgers get along with coaches Ron Rivera, Scott Turner and Ken Zampese? He has a history of being feisty and combative.

Just because you have Rodgers doesn't mean you're guaranteed anything. Are your chances better? Yes. But a quarterback alone does not win a Super Bowl alone. 

Especially when you consider that roughly 12 or 13 of Rodgers 21 playoff games were not what anyone would consider 'special'.

Of course, all those other ones kinda were.

Having Rodgers as your quarterback guarantees nothing. Some playoff games he's been very good. Some?'re left needing and wanting a bunch more. 

Washington also has to weigh this: Would Rodgers rather be a championship QB or the host of “Jeopardy”?

This is just some of the reaction this idea is getting. It's a polarizing concept; What is Aaron Rodgers’ cost and value? It will keep the stove lit in May and beyond … and we’re on it for you.