Trade Up For Trey Lance? What Does the Tale of The Tape Tell Us?

The scouting analysts have had their say. Now you get to watch along with us and share your view. What does the tape say about Trey?
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ASHBURN, Va. -- The Washington Football Team, based on reports, is seriously considering trading up to secure the player they think is the quarterback of the future, in North Dakota State star Trey Lance. 

Because the rumors and speculation are credible - we wanted to focus this week on the draft's mystery man -- A player whose upside is enormous, but also one that may have a greater boom or bust factor than any other quarterback in the class.

Our 'Trade Up For Trey' Game plan looks like this:

**What the scouting analysts are saying.

**Our 'Tale of Trey's Tape' view

**Why Should Washington Make this Move

**Why would they be crazy to make the move?

**Pulse of the Fan - Should the WFT be desperate or patient.

**Trey Lance - Inside the Numbers.

Here's what we saw on tape:

**Lance is a phenomenal talent overall, and that is clear to see. He has a rocket for an arm, easily flicking balls 50-plus yards in the air and mostly on target.

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**Trey Lance works from under center utilizing his athletic ability to roll out and throw both on the run and on deep stretch play-action. This is important because many college quarterbacks do not work from under center, and learning footwork and drops while reading defenses is a key skill in the NFL.

**Lance runs through tacklers on a frequent basis. He keeps his legs moving and churning, even when met with contact and bodies. It wasn't just running away from defenders. Often, Lance ran through them. 

**A few times, Lance used a QB draw jab-step move forward to sell the jet take-off, before stopping and then dropping back to pass, usually to a wide-open tight end. The dual-threat of Lance, as it does with most, shows up more inside the red zone when space is compressed and defenses are focused on trying to force three instead of seven. 

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**There were several back shoulder or tight-window throws. We didn't see any bad decisions or anything that a lot of QB's don't try to dial-up. 

**It looked like in the video we saw that at times -- Lance and his backs were off in their timing at the mesh point of fakes. That's going to happen at times but wasn't a huge concern. 

**Occasionally Lance did not throw with his feet set but still managed to deliver his throws with accuracy and zip.

**It appeared that Lance did a fairly good job of scanning and getting to his secondary reads when he had to, but most of his throws were to wide-open targets.

What did you see? Is Lance worth whatever price it takes? Let us know via Twitter @WSHFootballSI or via e-mail at and we'll feature your opinion later this week!