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Tua Trade to Washington as Part of Deshaun Watson Move from Texans to Dolphins: Rumor

If Watson is moving to Miami, Tua Tagovailoa is moving somewhere. One rumor includes as a destination the Washington Football Team.

There has been much of the the sound and much of the fury, but as it regards the when-will-it-be-imminent trade of quarterback Deshaun Watson.

As one NFL source put it to me on Wednesday as talks intensified ...

"It's time.''

And if Watson is moving to Miami, Tua Tagovailoa is moving somewhere.

One rumor includes as a destination the Washington Football Team.

Another, by the way, includes as a Tua destination the Denver Broncos.

There has always been some level of accuracy in reporting, as many outlets have, that the Miami Dolphins were the "front-runners'' for the services of the embattled Houston Texans QB. And there are two reasons that the reports were sort of accurate.

One, NFL sources tell us that the Dolphins and Texans have at least "touched base'' on the concept of a trade, many times, over the course of summer and fall.

And two, no other team has entered the pursuit.

And therefore, almost by default, the Dolphins were "front-runners.''

But this has moved to the front burner as of today, sources tell, and while there could be many moving parts - including "multiple teams'' involved in some way, a source tells me - well, it's time.

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Meanwhile, the WFT has to decide on "its time'' as well. 

Ryan Fitzpatrick was a bridge ... but a bridge to what? To who? What if Tua is the end of the bridge. ... though Ryan didn't exactly think that when the two of them were teammates last year in Miami.

Taylor Heinicke is a story, and a good one. But the WFT, struggling in every way right now, needs a QB, and a good one. And one with a real future.

Inside the Dolphins building, ownership has pushed and pushed to ignite talks on Watson. Consider them ignited. But we have been told there are "multiple teams'' involved here, and "moving parts.''

The WFT can be a mover.

As we've long reported, the Texans want at least three first-round draft picks, two second-round draft picks and players; that remains in play. The Dolphins have likely wanted to offer "conditional'' picks contingent on Watson being able to fight through his legal entanglements to actually get on the field.

The Texans were never in a hurry here. They have been making him inactive on gameday while paying him his $10.54 million salary ... and waiting until an offer comes.

But there is a dark cloud that hovers over the Houston franchise, and it's not just because the Texans are 1-5. And there is now a deadline - the NFL trade deadline of Nov. 2 is looming.

And we know all about the "black cloud'' that hovers over FedEx Field.

I'm not sure Tua Tagovailoa is a magnificent answer. But he's both "established starter'' (sort of) and "young prospect.'' That's more than any other QB on the Washington roster can say, in either category.

Maybe "it's time'' not only for Houston to move on a QB ... but for Washington to do the same.