Wall Street Journal: Redskins New Name before 2020 Season?

Chris Russell

The 2020 NFL season is scheduled to start for Washington's NFL franchise on Sunday September 13th. 

That's a little more than two months from now. Our world could and will look completely different by then. 

If a report from the Wall Street Journal is correct, the team could host the Philadelphia Eagles and be called something other than 'Redskins'

Mark Maske of the Washington Post, who is well connected in NFL league circles reported something similar and while he did not go as strong as the Wall Street Journal did in the timeline, he had quotes from unnamed sources that indicated strongly this is happening. 

Clearly - a major, enormous change is coming for an owner (Dan Snyder) that famously said in May of 2013 -  "We'll never change the name. It's that simple. NEVER — you can use caps." 

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Beer is Food
Beer is Food

the skins have an opportunity to ditch any ties to a racially insensitive name with zero historical significance to the city. why not take it? Take advantage of playing in the most important city in the country and tie the team to patriotism- to history.

The Washington... Federalists, Unionists, Senators, Law, National Defense, Constitution, Generals, AND my favorite- the WASHINGTON INDEPENDENCE!

with that said, Snyder will stubornly probably tie the team back to the Redskins, by changing the name to a slightly less offensive indian name like Warriors. Zero real historical tie ins to the city. I remember reading an article a few years back that he has already bought the name. If this happens, shame, blah, yuck!