WAPO: More Allegations on Toxic Culture for WFT

It doesn't seem to end. The unrelenting stream of bad news and bad culture has engulfed the Washington Football organization for monts.

We've been hearing for weeks there were more bad stories coming out about the culture or lack there of inside the Washington Football Team facility.

Now we have more and there's still more that could come. 

The Washington Post has done more thorough reporting on the sexist and toxic culture that filled the not-so hallowed halls in Ashburn, Virginia.

Especially when talking about a professional football team that was supposed to act like professionals and was often anything but.

The toxic culture was easy to observe and sense. Cases of Coors Light, the preferred coffee of a certain former President would often be rolled right past my studio door in the lobby of the building.

A macho culture of arrogance and power often filled the air.

Anger and hostility was a constant theme on Monday's after another bad loss or constant dysfunction.

The Washington Post report describes a secret video made by a video production team that quotes a former staffer of Larry Michael, the former Senior Vice President and play by play voice of the organization, as saying to feature "the good parts" for owner Dan Snyder.

I have no idea if this allegation is true. No clue. Michael strongly denied the allegation to the Washington Post. I never worked with the former associate, Brad Baker, that was quoted in the story. He left in 2009 as I was joining the Washington beat but I didn't work for Daniel Snyder's owned radio station inside the building until 2010.

To be honest, I've never heard one thing about Baker at all, but nothing would ever surprise me.

There were more allegations made about other videos in 2010.

According to The Post, "the team, through its public relations firm and lawyer, requested additional days to respond and did not accept repeated offers from The Post to show team officials these videos. Ultimately, the team provided no comment, and Snyder did not agree to an interview."

That's obviously a bad look even if they made a statement denying the allegations.

The count of sexual harassment is now up to 42 women according to The Post. 25 in this particular report plus 17 from the previous report. That's 42 too many. 

I have talked with several recently and over the years that have mentioned many of the nightmare stories that have been reported on by The Post. There's also more that have not come forward. 

There were 17 women in the original report and now eight additional women have come forward in a variety of ways. Some with their name, some without.

Ron Rivera, Jason Wright and even Dan Snyder seem to be doing more of the right things over the last few months.

They want to look forward and not look back at the past as much as possible, even though Wright told us last week that he was very happy that Dan Snyder and the organized hired a law firm to investigate what has happened.

I can say this: The kind of nonsense that was allowed over many years simply will not be tolerated. That doesn't mean there won't be more stories because I know there will be.

It takes a while to completely take out the trash. The new regime has done a lot of it but you can't rebuild Rome overnight.

I know this. Dan Snyder has allowed a lot of this nonsense to go on over far too long. You have real adults in charge now and hopefully the next ten years is dramatically different than the last 20. 

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