Washington & Deshaun: 6 Reasons to Pass On Trade

Forget about Deshaun Watson. It was a pipe dream that never made sense for anyone with any football intelligence - at least at this price
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ASHBURN, Va. -- The general rumored price? It was always going to be too much. The specific rumored price? It provides six reasons for the WFT to say "no.''

Peter King detailed the current state of the Deshaun Watson standoff with the Houston Texans and the rest of the NFL on Monday morning in his "Football Morning in America" column.

King writes that new Texans GM Nick Caserio not only doesn't want to trade Watson but apparently isn't even responding to calls and offers.

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But King correctly says that the situation could change as time evolves, and then he breaks down the individual teams and their possible offers.

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King lists Carolina, the Jets, San Francisco/Minnesota (We'll explain), Miami and then "the others."

That's where the Washington Football Team is lumped in with Denver and Chicago.

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King writes: "Washington is intriguing because of its strong young defense, but WFT might have to trade off too much of what makes it an attractive future team—Chase Young and another promising youngster— a[s} well as its three or four very high picks. Not impossible, but a major challenge, and I bet Houston would have better offers."

Um, that's a "no.''

"Chase Young and another promising youngster" plus "three or four very high picks''? 

That's six premium pieces for one premium QB.

There has never been a quarterback in the history of the NFL that would even be close to being worth that return - in large part because there are more affordable ways to get a quality QB.

It's difficult. There is a price to pay to do it. But that cannot be the price. There are not really very legitimate knocks against Watson, but ... Even with all of his amazing talent, the Texans won all of four games last year.

Maybe some other team will make that mistake. But one thing about all of this sudden QB movement: It can benefit more than just the QB. It can mean a QB moves to your team - without you having to sacrifice six premium pieces to get him.

As for the San Francisco/Minnesota blockbuster that King writes about: it centers on former Washington QB Kirk Cousins going to Kyle Shanahan and the 49ers with Watson going to the Vikings while Jimmy Garoppolo lands in Houston. The first portion of that doesn't seem like a match to us, at all. 

But that's the Niners' business. The WFT business? King just gave Washington six reasons to not enter a bidding war for Deshaun Watson.

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