Washington Football Team GM: 'Confusion' In NFL.com Rankings

Why is NFL.com so confused about the Washington front office but not at all confused about the Cowboys'?
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Where does NFL.com rank the Washington Football Team GM?

It doesn't rank him at all, actually - and seems rather confused as to who exactly is the WFT GM.

Gregg Rosenthal of NFL.com has released his rankings of GMs around the league, and part of this exercise is meant to be playful, as when he writes, "All decisions are mine (and) indisputable.''

In fact, of course, the fun is in the debate. The Colts' Chris Ballard is No. 1? OK, but what's he ever won? The Cowboys' Jerry Jones is No. 8? Wait ... what?

It is a bit clearer when Rosenthal states that this is an NFL Draft-related ranking, that it goes back to 2015, and that it doesn't include the "newbies.''

The Washington GM is a newbie. So NFL.com doesn't actually rank "him,'' getting around to "him'' last, and then stating some confusion:

"This is one of the most confusing setups in the league, but (Marty) Hurney and (Martin) Mayhew made it clear after their hires in January that (coach Ron) Rivera is in charge.''

This is absolutely correct. So what's so confusing?

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Coach Ron Rivera is in charge. While Mayhew has the GM title, he, and executive Hurney, were hired by Rivera. They report to Rivera.

There is nothing unclear about this.

And as to whether it's "strange'' ...

NFL.com lists as its No. 4 GM "Brandon Beane/Sean McDermott, Bills.'' But ... McDermott is the coach. Why isn't this "confusing''?

It lists 5 as "Mickey Loomis, Saints.'' But actually, coach Sean Payton is as in charge in New Orleans as anybody.

It lists 12 as "Pete Carroll/John Schneider, Seahawks.'' And again - why isn't this "confusing''?

It lists 18 as "Bill Belichick, Patriots.'' Is he the official GM in New England? Actually, they don't worry much about titles there. (P.S.: There are 17 NFL GM's better than Belichick? Really?)

And then, back at No. 8: Jerry Jones? Ironically, the Cowboys' front office has experienced draft success using a formula not that different than Washington's, in the sense that while one person has the title, the responsibilities are shared. ... Yet NFL.com fails to mention this, citing "Jerry Jones'' as the GM. But in fact? The Cowboys' Jones can't do it without Stephen Jones, Will McClay and Mike McCarthy, just as Washington's Rivera can't do it without Mayhew and Hurney.

See? It's really not all that confusing.

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