WFT Coach Jennifer King Officially Promoted in Historic Hire

We now have official word on the promotion that was reported last week for Jennifer King and the Washington Football Team.
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ASHBURN, Va. -- Jennifer King and the Washington Football Team continue to make NFL history. 

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King was officially promoted Tuesday morning to the team's assistant running backs coach under Randy Jordan, a position she essentially held and performed all season in 2020 as a full-year coaching intern under coach Ron Rivera and Jordan. 

As the release points out, King is now the first female Black full-time assistant position coach in the NFL and the second overall behind Lori Locust, who will coach with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the Super Bowl.

Tennis legend Billie Jean King offered her congrats on the historic achievement. 

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The group that Jennifer King worked most with offered promise. Antonio Gibson was converted from a college receiver into an NFL running back and racked up 11 rushing touchdowns in his first 11 games, including a three-touchdown breakout performance in Dallas on Thanksgiving Day. 

There's a chance Gibson would have topped 15 touchdowns in his rookie year if he didn't get injured early in the upset win over the Steelers, the next week. He missed the next two games after that which essentially led to him missing three games. 

J.D. McKissic had a breakout year as a pass receiver. In his first year in Washington, he had 80 receptions for 589 yards and two touchdowns. He was second on the team in receptions.

The reception total and yardage count were easily more than double his previous career highs.

Peyton Barber wasn't used as much as he should have been but Washington, Jordan and King carved out a short-yardage role that he excelled at. 

Now the question for King and Jordan is this: Will they stay with the group that they have or try to upgrade in free agency or perhaps the draft? They might be building the personnel group. But the WFT has already built that part of the coaching staff.

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